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Bert "Ipsa scientia potestas est" -Knowledge in itself is power - Sir Francis Bacon "Beware the lolipop of mediocrity, one lick and you could suck forever" - unknown author. Powered by UBB. Main Menu. Forums 62 Topics , Posts 9,, Members , Drifting for Catfish. Re: Drifting for Catfish. Originally Posted By: Sirjet i am well versed on drifting from a boat. Anchor trolley is the best way to attach and control your anchor point.

You'll find if it's a little windy, even if your anchor point is in the very front or rear, your kayak will still turn mostly sideways to the wind when drifting. That could work on calm days, but I prefer a breeze. Previous Thread. Next Thread.

View Profile. I told my customers when a fish strikes, leave the rod in the holder, crank the reel handle 10 to 15 times real fast, then pick the rod up and simply start reeling. The fish will be on. The split ring allows the baited hook to swivel, a fact Hall credits for better hook penetration.

The Snake Weight is relatively snagless, making it ideal for drift-fishing, and when the rig moves across the bottom, the crappie cork keeps the baited end floating in the strike zone.

Cut shad, an old standard for blue cats, was one of his favorites, but he also used squid and strip baits made from buffalo, carp and bonito. I use non-cleaned squid bought at a supermarket, half a squid per hook. Sometimes I split the bait so it looks like a split-tail eel to give it more action. In-Fisherman's Todd Ceisner sits down with Mark Zona to discuss the new Ned Rage Craw to hear all about how this little finesse bait, is going to get you those extra couple bites when times get tough.

Whatever the target species, these rods feel good in the fly shop when you're giving them a test drive. See More Popular Videos. Controlled drifting for example involves the use of a trolling motor and dragging baits around.

Some people refer to controlled drifting or control drifting as using the trolling motor to move the boat around with suspended baits. Others place the rods in holders and drag the baits around with a trolling motor and call this controlled drifting, some call it strolling and some call it trolling. It all gets very confusing and I for one wish we could all come up with some common names and straighten this all out once and for all.

Traditional drift fishing involves using the wind to move the boat across the water and dragging baits in the process. Again, these tips are focused on traditional drift fishing and using the wind to move your boat across the water to catch catfish. Another issues is learning how to read sonar and locate catfish. Drift fishing is an excellent solution to both these issues and can help you learn in the process.

The foundation of traditional drift fishing is the drift sock. They help position your boat in the wind and slow the drift speed down and also control the drift direction. Make sure you have at least one good drift sock and know how to use it. For more in depth information check out Drift Sock and learning boat control.

Drift speed is critical to success catching catfish. The colder the water is, the more critical drift speed is. I rely primarily on the Santee Rig and the slip sinker rig at times. The Santee Rig uses a foam peg float between the hook and sinker to help lift the catfish bait off the bottom and keep it in the strike zone.

All of the tackle and gear you need is covered here. Make sure you have a good rod that has the right action so the tip has some flex and circle hooks work correctly. I like a moderate fast action most often for a general purpose catfish rod. You can get more details here and then go here to buy them. If you're drift-fishing for the first time and unfamiliar with what works best, start by drifting with 75 yards of line out, then experiment if necessary to see what works best.

Bear in mind that high-capacity reels are a must for this type of fishing, especially when targeting trophy-class catfish. If you have 75 yards of line out and a big blue hits, you'll need plenty of line on the reel to avoid getting spooled. Also be sure to properly set the drags on all your reels. Proper speed is important when drift-fishing, but there's no magic formula for determining what speed is best under a given set of conditions.

On some days, you may have to inch your boat along to get strikes. On other days you'll have to troll so fast you'll wonder how catfish could possibly catch your bait. And when you find the productive speed, you must maintain it, even when wind and current push your boat ahead or drive it back. Wait until the rod has a definite bend in it, then remove it from the holder and reel in your quarry. The key word when drift-fishing, as with any form of catfishing, is "experiment.

But if your game plan doesn't produce within a short time, try something different. Sooner or later, the innovative cat man discovers a pattern that allows him to capitalize on the situation.

And when drift-fishing, this rarely takes very long.

Nigel Ayers has continued to work with Catfish John - Roy MacCaull - Drifting Like The Wind (Vinyl strong underground of cult support, avoiding music industry fashions, and following his own creative path he concentrated on creating a strong sense of a wilderness identity through sound. Drift fishing is an excellent way to fish for catfish. Intro By Mr Fields 2. Side One 1. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow. Forgiven Here Comes the Sun 5. Of special interest are the hundreds of Cuban recordings and more than a thousand Tango discs from Argentina.
Various - Café Ireland (CD), Infaria Morgana, In The Hands Of The Blind God, Ponte En Onda - Alfredo Linares Y Su Salsa Star* - Sensacionales‼! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Various - Electro Boogie Beatz (CD)

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  1. Dec 03,  · Drift fishing for catfish is letting your bait move freely on the water bottom. It’s a combination between a weighted fishing line, and steady slow controlled movement. You do this while allowing the line to run with currents, wind or by using a trolling motor to control your speed and overall drifting Bob Hoffmann.
  2. Feb 19,  · Traditional drift fishing is drifting for catfish in it’s most basic form and a technique that’s been used for decades. Traditional drifting uses the wind to move the boat and drag baits across the bottom of a lake or reservoir with a drift sock (or multiple drift socks) to hold the direction of the boat in the wind and maintain drift speed.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Dynaflex Vinyl release of Catfish John/Chained on Discogs. Label: RCA - LSP,RCA Victor - LSP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Dynaflex • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Country/5(6).
  4. Apr 30,  · In this catfishing video I am dragging and drifting for catfish along river channel ledges. This catfish video was shot during a very windy day. Catfishing in the wind, especially dragging and.
  5. The standard catfish baits that are best for each species of catfish apply to drift fishing.. Freshly caught Threadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad or Skipjack Herring are without a doubt the undisputed kings of bait for blue catfish and widely accepted as the best baits. You can use frozen shad if you must, it’s better than no bait at all but certainly not the best option.
  6. May 31,  · Drift-fishing as applied today by guides and catfish tournament anglers has become a highly refined science. As refined as it is, the good news is that drifting for catfish is very effective, reasonably simple and highly productive. Successful drift-fishing is a systematic, organized method of searching for, finding and catching Mr. Whiskers.
  7. Jul 04,  · Finding Blue Catfish on Sonar with Catfish Guide Michael Littlejohn Lake Tawakoni - Duration: Michael Littlejohn's Lake Tawakoni Guide Service , views
  8. Jun 30,  · Finding Blue Catfish on Sonar with Catfish Guide Michael Littlejohn Lake Tawakoni - Duration: Michael Littlejohn's Lake Tawakoni Guide Service , views

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