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There's a lot more to Marcus than meets the eye. He's actually an atheist, who along with his wife Sue underwent plastic surgery, so the two could take the place of the original Marcus and Sue that the atheist "Marcus" killed, so the new Marcus and Sue could get on-board the great Sol-believer interstellar arc. And they also became parents of the original couple's young son, whom the new Marcus I think gave a little white mouse to, as a present, before they all embarked on the arc.

And that's less than half of it. Mother is a much more powerful android than is Father, who is just a general-purpose not deadly weapon android, but he's equipped with plenty of smarts, too. And heart. When Mother starts blaming herself for the death of the other kids other than Campion, who is alive and well and brilliant , Father discovers the real reason the other kids died. And Mother, wanting to recreate the family she lost to this unforgiving planet, has taken a bunch of other kids of various ages from the defeated arc.

These range from cute to pretty interesting, and they include Marcus and Sue's "son". And there's still more. There are some sorts of monsters at large on this planet, which presumably are indigenous species, but, who knows. So all of this adds up to a great, provocative start for a highly intelligent, vividly depicted science fiction series, which I'm looking forward to watching.

See also Raised by Wolves 1. Life after death stories - the departed coming back to help, haunt, or otherwise interact with the living - are a dime a dozen. Amazing Stories' second episode, "The Heat," manages to visit this well-trodden path with a story that is at least somewhat original, even if that originality relies upon yet another very well-worn gambit in fiction. Tuka and Sterling are track athletes and best friends, until a typical teenager argument leads to Tuku getting killed in a hit-and-run, right before Sterling's horrified eyes.

Most of the rest of the episode tells the story of Tuka's ghost connecting with Sterling, and helping her run and compete again, and maybe win a crucial track-meet race.

Except, Sterling doesn't, and here's where "The Heat" veers into both originality but some kind of ultimate cliche. The originality is in Sterling's not winning, which would be the expected result in what had come before.

But what happens after that, when the ghostly Tuka tries to comfort and inspire Sterling is, well It turns out - at least, I think that's what's going on - that Tuka wasn't really killed in the hit-and-run. But that ending also means that everything we saw earlier in the episode was, what, going on in Tuka's mind while she was unconscious on the street? That kind of ending - that what transpired was a protagonist's dream - is even more cliched that the dead coming back as a ghosts.

So, all in all, a mixed bag of an episode as far as originality. See also Amazing Stories 1. I just saw Raised by Wolves 1. In a sentence, it's a big concept, altogether excellent combination of fast action and deep philosophy, as befits Executive Producer Ridley Scott, and especially well-suited to our pandemic ridden time, when the very fate of humanity could well be at stake if things get much worse.

The narrative features androids and space travel the action and a conflict between true believers and atheists the philosophy who have left a dying Earth. The flavor is therefore closest to than anything else, even though Raised by Wolves has not much else in common with Clarke's story and Kubrick's movie. The special effects and overall cinematography are top-notch to the point of breathtaking at times. The acting is also fine, and it was good to see Travis Fimmel from Vikings back on the screen.

Amanda Collin is fine as Mother the android, and her character comes with the awesome power of killing everything around her with a scream reminds me, in an odd way, of the episode "Sound that Kills" in the ancient Science Fiction Theater television show. I'd add that if ever there was a series I wanted to binge-watch to the end - at least, of this first season - Raised by Wolves appears to be that.

But I'll take it the way it's being presented, and will be back here with subsequent reviews. First, I should mention that I haven't read any of the reviews. I really have no idea if people loved or hated this episode. As readers of this blog will know, I'm often at odds with myopic, dyspeptic critics, and that would be the case for this first episode, because, well, I really enjoyed it.

In part, that's because I'm a sucker for most time travel stories, being an author of same myself, and a fan long before I started publishing. But there's a difference between liking and loving. In order for me to really thoroughly enjoy a time travel story, it has to be done right. Meaning, it has to take some account of the inherent paradoxes in time travel, and make some attempt to deal with them. So let's begin with the general observation that there are two types of travel-to-the past stories.

One, in which the protagonist tries to do something to improve the course of history, like killing Hitler before he got to power or saving Socrates from the hemlock a course I chose in The Plot to Save Socrates. The other is do something in the past to improve your subsequent personal life as in the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married.

In order for such a time travel story to work, you have to have appealing, sensitive characters, and if on the screen, played by actors who project that. I think Frequency had some kind of storm as the time-travel or communication back in time trigger.

Fine with me. Victoria Pedretti who played a completely kind of character in You plays Evelyn in "The Cellar," and does a great job of playing a young woman in , which isn't easy. The dress, music, and other aspects of life in Iowa were spot on, as far as I know, and that made for a crisp, colorful, believable narrative. I won't say anything more about the plot, except the obvious that of course the course of true love never did run smooth, and that's especially true when it comes to time travel.

But the twists and turns are not predictable, and the ending even tucks in an alternate reality which is always nice to see in a time travel tale. I'm definitely going to watch the other four episodes of this series, and I'll be back here with reviews. Thursday, September 24, Spun Dreams on Bandcamp. My group back then was The New Outlook, a folk-rock trio. Spun Dreams has been streaming for almost a decade on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the usual places.

But now it's up on Bandcamp , with all kinds of details on songs and tracks that I haven't mentioned before. And check out the bonus items for at least one special photo I haven't laid eyes on since Friday, September 18, Raised by Wolves 1. Lots of important, even game-changing events in episodes 1. One thing I'm sure of is I hope we see all three concluding episodes next week.

Labels: Raised By Wolves , television. I'll have to settle having seen a captivating season, and looking forward to a season two. Monday, September 14, We Hunt Together 1. Labels: television , We Hunt Together. Further reading: Amazing Stories 1. Friday, September 11, Amazing Stories 1. Podcast Review of Raised by Wolves In the meantime, here are those seven books: June 23, July 14, September 1, September 1, September 8, September 8, September 15, A reader-printer machine is required to enlarge and make copies of documents on microfiche.

Click here to connect to the homepage of the Education Resources Information Center. Click here for a more detailed list of common Internet error messages, courtesy of Brown University. Synonymous with spy fiction. See also : suspense and thriller. In film and video , a portion usually a few minutes or less in duration of a longer, fully edited , complete work.

Too brief to be considered a incomplete version of the work, an excerpt typically consists of the title sequence, a musical number, or footage highlighting a dramatic moment or special effects. Synonymous in this sense with film clip. The term is not used for unedited material or stock shot s, or for footage not utilized in the final cut see outtake.

In acquisitions , an agreement with a publisher or jobber allowing the return of an item to receive another item of comparable value, for example, when a library orders the wrong title or a duplicate copy by mistake.

In calligraphy , an alphabet or lettering style used for the purpose of study or decoration. Click here to see a lateth-century Dutch example Koninklijke Bibliotheek. In a more general sense, someone or something that serves as a model, type, specimen, instance, or example of a quality, category, or group. Also, a booth or table at which a book publisher , jobber , or dealer , or a library vendor or supplier , displays its products and services at a conference or book fair to attract prospective customers.

Companies and organizations that lease exhibit space are exhibitors. See also : display copy and Exhibits Round Table. Also, to end a session using a computer application by closing the program. The procedure for ending a session on the computer itself is called logging off. Also refers to the development of an existing class or subdivision in the schedule s or table s of Dewey Decimal Classification DDC , usually to accommodate advances in the literature on the subject requiring more specific notation.

Microfilm is described in number of reel s microfilm reels: negative or in feet if not on a reel 5 ft. If the collection contains more than one type of material, each measured in a different way, separate statements are given.

If the description of extent is complicated, it may be given in a note to avoid confusion. Synonymous with statement of extent. Also, one ore more portions of a document selected to represent the content of the whole. Libraries Unlimited. Need Help?

Try our Search Tips. Award Winner. Reviewed Content. Available for Course Adoption. EAN is used worldwide to identify products sold retail.

In publishing , the recommended location for printing the EAN barcode is in the lower right-hand corner of the back cover see this example. Also refers to a small projection found on the upper-right-hand edge of the lowercase "g" in some typeface s. This convention was followed in the United States in the early part of the 20th century but eventually replaced, first by latest entry cataloging in the ALA Rules and then by successive entry cataloging in AACR.

Because of the amount of labor required, early books were usually produced in single copies. In a library , copies of early periodical s may be stored in special collection s, or accessible in digital format or on microform , to protect the original s from damage. Large models are used to display flip chart s in presentations. The text is printed parallel with the spine, and the page s are turned up and over, instead of from side to side. To see examples, try a keywords search on the term in Google Images.

Synonymous with easy reader. Although tablet computer screens are generally faster, e-book readers have superior text readability , achieved by the use of electronic paper display technology. Some e-book readers come with an internal dictionary , built-in Wi-Fi , text-to-speech capability, and a Web browser. Price depends on storage capacity and special features.

Abbreviated e-reader. Also spelled ebook reader. EBSCO A commercial company that provides subscription management services , electronic journal access , online bibliographic and full-text database s, and an online book ordering service to libraries and related institutions. EBSCO is currently one of the three leading aggregator s of journals available in electronic full-text. See also : ProQuest.

The term lost its pastoral connotation in the 18th century and now refers to a poem in which a serious theme is developed through a monologue or dialogue, as in Rosalind and Helen by Percy Bysshe Shelley. If marginal cost cost of producing an additional unit is less than average cost, an economic incentive exists to produce additional output. Diseconomies of scale occur when average cost increases as output increases. In large libraries , efficiency can be enhanced by taking advantage of economies of scale.

Synonymous with scale economies. The material is bound as received, with no mending or collation , and the width of inner margin s may not be checked by the binder. The preferred method of leaf attachment in economy binding is double-fan adhesive or side sewing , rather than sewing through the fold, and the volume is given little or no rounding and backing , producing a flat back.

A lower grade of cover ing material is used and the color may be selected by the binder, or from a limited number of choices. Click here to learn more about the Edgar Awards. The fore-edge is opposite the binding edge of the text block the spine of a bound volume.

The other two edges are the head and tail. See also : black edges , deckle edges , edge decoration , edge-worn , gauffered edges , and gilt edges. Kodak used a series of standardized symbols to indicate year of manufacture for both 16mm and 35mm film, repeating the codes every 20 years until the system was revised in Film copies may be marked with two or more edge codes, one for the original stock and one for each of the generation s printed from it the film is likely to have been shot sometime between the first two codes.

Kodak edge codes for 8mm and 16mm film are provided online by Filmforever. Click here to see an elaborate 16th-century example Saxon State Library and here to see a 17th-century example with gilt edges to which color has been added Royal Library of Denmark. Examples of the various types of edge decoration are provided by the Princeton University Library. On some books, painting was done on all three edges but on most only on the fore-edge.

In England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the technique was refined to make the picture visible only when the leaves were slightly fanned. In double fore-edge painting , two different images are displayed by fanning the leaves first in one direction, then in the other. Edge painting may also be concealed beneath gilt or combined with gauffering for an especially elegant effect see this example , courtesy of the Princeton University Library.

This method of marking the outside of a volume was used until the 16th century when books began to be shelved upright with the spine out, instead of flat with one of the edges facing out. Click here to see an example of an edge-worn binding.

Click here to see examples from an edible book festival sponsored by Yale University. To see other examples, try a keywords search on the term in Google Images. The concept adds a new dimension to the phrase "eat your words. In the bibliographic description , the editor's name is given in the title and statement of responsibility area field of the MARC record following the phrase "edited by.

Also refers to the work of gathering together and preparing for publication in a single volume or uniform set of volumes the previously published work s of one or more authors, usually done by someone else.

For information about the process of document ary editing, see The Papers of George Washington project at the University of Virginia. See also : documentary editing.

An edition may consist of several impression s in which the text and other matter are not substantially changed. In older publication s, the terms impression and edition are virtually synonymous since type was broken up for reuse after the first printing. For some book s, especially reference book s and textbook s, the content of the original edition may be revised and the text republished under the same or an altered title. Unless the publisher states that a work is a revised edition or expanded edition , the first revision is known as the second edition.

Subsequent revisions are numbered in the order in which they are published. The latest edition is the most current , but older editions may contain useful information deleted from later ones.

In the MARC record , these data element s are given in field If an item lacks an edition statement but is known to include important changes from previous editions, a brief statement in the language and script of the title proper is provided by the cataloger in square bracket s. In the MARC record , the edition statement is given in subfield a of field For other works, the term first edition is preferred in analytical bibliography and the antiquarian book trade.

An editor may be responsible for selecting material included in a collection or for preparing manuscript copy for the printer , including annotation of the text , verification of the accuracy of facts and bibliographic citation s, polishing grammar and style, organizing front and back matter , etc.

Periodical s and large reference work s often have a general editor or editor-in-chief who supervises the work of an editorial staff. Compare with compiler. See also : author's editor. In large publishing houses, the editing process may be divided into separate functions, each performed by a different person: Acquisition editor - scouts and evaluates new works for recommendation to the publisher Manuscript editor - assists the author in developing and organizing the work Copy editor - perfects details of grammar and style, checks the accuracy of facts, quotation s, citations, etc.

Managing editor - coordinates resources required for publication and develops the publication schedule Production editor - oversees the transition from editorial process to production printing , binding , distribution Also refers to the individual in charge of the content of a newspaper , magazine , or journal , and in some cases its publication , whose name is given in the masthead.

Editorials appear on the editorial page of a newspaper, usually printed at the end of the news section.

The editorial page may also include letters to the editor. Syndicate d column s and political cartoon s usually appear on the op-ed page opposite the editorial page. In newsmagazine s, editorials and columns usually precede the feature article s or appear on the last page s. Compare with advertorial. See also : journal of commentary. In magazine publishing , the editorial board establishes the overall editorial policy and tone to be followed by staff writer s, selects columnist s, and decides which letters to the editor will be published.

In journal publishing, the board usually controls the evaluation and selection of article s submitted by independent scholars for publication. In scholarly publishing, control of editorial content is usually maintained through peer review.

Editorial control is largely absent on the Internet where self-publishing is the norm. Also, to inject personal opinions or comments into an otherwise objective discussion or account, a technique used in essay s, editorial s, column s, letters to the editor , and other forms of persuasive writing but considered inappropriate in scholarly publication and in work s of fiction.

See also : director's cut. Compare with instructional film and training film. See also : textbook pricing. Educational videos tend to be price d higher than feature film s and mass-market nonfiction videos. Formed in , EBSS currently has about 1, members concerned with issues related to bibliographic instruction , collection development , the applications of technology, library administration , and communication of research findings in education and behavioral sciences librarianship.

Click here to connect to the EBSS homepage. Examples include children's television program s, such as Sesame Street and Mr. Also refers to media that are both educational and enjoyable. In the case of contracts, it may be different from the date on which the agreement was signed. An abbreviation of the Latin phrase exempli gratia , meaning "for the sake of example. Most antique papers have this type of finish.

As document ary evidence, election tickets are of considerable interest to historians. The term is also used collectively in reference to the candidates themselves.

Synonymous with electoral register. Although the first hypertext novel was published in Afternoon, A Story by Michael Joyce , electronic books did not capture public attention until the online publication of Stephen King's novella Riding the Bullet in March Within 24 hours, the text had been download ed by , computer users. Some libraries offer access to electronic books through the online catalog. A universally accepted format and simple delivery system are needed.

Click here to browse the Yahoo! Synonymous with digital book , e-book , ebook , and online book. See also : self-destructing e-book. Electronic Data Interchange EDI The computer-to-computer exchange of business messages purchase order s, schedules, invoice s, claim s, job specifications, etc.

For companies that operate from multiple sites, each location is assigned its own SAN to increase efficiency and reduce the number of misdirected shipment s. Libraries employ digital technology to deliver the information contained in document s and file s placed on reserve and requested via interlibrary loan. Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF A group of people lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries who share a passionate commitment to defending digital information , innovation, and technology from attempts by government and business to restrict freedom of expression.

Click here to connect to the EFF homepage. Some Web-based electronic journals are graphic ally modeled on the print version.

The rising cost of print journal subscription s has led many academic libraries to explore electronic alternatives. Synonymous with e-journal. Compare with electronic magazine. Some Web-based electronic magazines are graphic ally modeled on the print version example : The New Yorker. MagazineBoard is an example of an online e-magazine directory.

Synonymous with e-zine and Webzine. Compare with electronic journal. The category includes electronic journal s and e-print s, electronic magazine s and newspaper s, electronic book s, Web site s, Weblog s, etc. Some electronic publications are online versions of print publication s; others are born digital.

Synonymous with e-publication. Synonymous in this sense with e-publishing. Also used synonymously with desktop publishing. Compare with machine-readable records. Permission may be required to use work s not in the public domain. Software for electronic reserves systems is available from commercial vendor s example : ERes from Docutek Information Systems. Synonymous with e-reserves. The category includes software application s, electronic text s, bibliographic database s, institutional repositories , Web site s, e-book s, collections of e-journal s, etc.

Electronic resources not publicly available free of charge usually require licensing and authentication. Abbreviated e-resource. See also : electronic resources management. In , a small group of academic librarian s began to create metadata specifications for managing electronic subscription s and their associated title s.

The group was later asked by the Digital Library Federation DLF to deliver formal specifications for vendor s, as a replacement for various homegrown systems.

Innovative Interfaces Inc. Compare with digital asset management. Read Full Bio. Somehow still finding his way home and away — the Jon Anderson interview More than 50 years after his debut recordings with Yes, Lancashire-born US citizen and legendary vocalist and songwriter Jon Anderson remains enthused about his music, eager to spread the word about his 15th solo album.

Jon Anderson announces release date for solo album, Hands Yes co-founder Jon Anderson has announced that his new solo album Hands will be released by Blue Elan Records on July The Ph.

By the late s she was living in Florida, still mixing and making and applying for patents for her various inventions. But of course, she had many more strings to her bow. In Angela decided to run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Occasionally, as on the original Stinky Poodle she double tracks her voice; many of the tracks are slathered with echo and reverb, producing a unique, ethereal sound unlike anything else. She followed up the release with her own cable TV show, which ran for four years in the Hollywood area.

By the late s she had retired and was living in Florida, although still mixing and making and applying for patents for her various inventions. Sadly she would not record a whole album again, however in Arf! Records reissued the album on CD, complete with extra material, campaign ads, unreleased demos and a brand new re-recording of Stinky Poodle.

Angela may have retired from commercial work, but as recently as last year she was still passing on her love of flight, teaching at the St. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and play with the reality of being alive. Saturday, 15 August Raving. These two tracks come from one of the many, many, many Columbine compilations that appeared in the s and 80s: this particular release being one of the earlier Now Sounds of Today collections, of which there were around iterations.

These two tracks are the first two cuts on side one of this particular Now Sounds of Today : back in April yes, over a decade ago I featured tracks three and four from the same album but at that time posted the wrong cover… oops! Friday, 31 July Father? Oh Brother! When I was a wee lad, Patrick Cargill was ubiquitous. It was only later that I discovered he had also played opposite Tony Hancock in the brilliant Blood Donor and appeared in a brace of Carry On… films too.

Glover was an author, divorced and bringing up two teenage daughters along with his housekeeper always referred to as Nanny , and a large St Bernard dog, HG for H G Wells. The premise of the show was paper-thin, but it ran for 45 episodes over five years. Father, Dear Father was a huge success, a defining and somewhat stereotyping role for Cargill, and the inevitable spin-off movie followed.

Hanover: University Press of New Hampshire. Metal Fusion. Make sure Mr. Also, a discrete component of metadata. See also : Album) editor. Compare with advertorial. File extension is. A reproducible work of art is dislodged from tradition and authenticity, thus dispelling the aura that derives from a unique presence in time and space. Characters have homes on, over, or near the water, and the roads and the forestry Hollywood Signs - Ph.D. - Ph.D. (Vinyl lush.
Como Amigo Si, Como Amante No - Nino Segarra - Con La Musica Por Dentro (CD, Album), Au Bord De L´Eau - Larry Goldings - Quartet (CD, Album), Lindstrøm & Todd Terje - Lanzarote (Vinyl), Shangri-La - Bill Justis - 12 Other Instrumental Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album), Robot Man - Scorpions - Best Of Scorpions (CD)

8 thoughts on “Hollywood Signs - Ph.D. - Ph.D. (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Ph.D. on Discogs. Label: Atlantic - SD ,WEA - SD • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: New Wave/5(3).
  2. One year, I received an e-mail from Diamond saying that a new PhD album was to be recorded and that the two LPs would be reissued with bonus tracks by Rhino/Warner UK. Now they will be reissued by Voiceprint instead any day now, along with a new album. I guess Ph.D. weren't a priority with Warner. Figures!/5(10).
  3. Ph.D. is the début album by the band of the same was later reissued with a different cover when "I Won't Let You Down" became a hit in several countries in early The original cover was designed by Mike Payne and was the first release of Genre: New wave, synthpop.
  4. Now they will be reissued by Voiceprint instead any day now, along with a new album. I guess Ph.D. weren't a priority with Warner. Figures! It could also be they lost the masters, so the reissues may be derived from vinyl like another certain album with Phillips. It's about time that these records were taken out of obscurity/5(10).
  5. Ph.D. - Ph.D. download free. Label: Atlantic ‎– SD Type: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: US Date of released: Category: Rock, Pop Style: New Wave.
  6. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), an academic qualification; Entertainment. PhD: Phantasy Degree, a Korean comic series; Piled Higher and Deeper, a web comic; Ph.D. (band), a s British group Ph.D. (Ph.D. album) Ph.D. (Art Farmer album) "PHD", a song on the album Tweekend by the Crystal Method; PHD Flopper, a popular perk drink in the Call of Duty zombies series.
  7. Dec 14,  · Song cafpianewsfirase.ardhawroezaptualcfacasmossransvanlinu.coood signs from the self titled album by Ph.D,Video Clip i made.

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