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By long Watch. League of Legends Janna Records: first scratched in ipad, and then used photoshop to color, I almost painted her Lux; Because after finishing her face, it seemed very suitable even though I decided to choose Jenna at last. Then I began to hesitate about the main color and couldn't make up my mind which resulted in making her redrawn.

A long-delayed painting Published: Sep 17, See More by long Featured in collections. League of Legends by Vash As these unfortunate souls faced their doom, they prayed for salvation. They called out the name of their ancient protector:. Though these mortals had seemingly forgotten her until now, Janna did not hesitate to help them.

An immense gale swept over the city as she took corporeal form. Impossible walls of air held flooding waters at bay as people fled the drowned ruins of their homes. Ferocious gusts of wind cut through the suffocating smoke from fires caused by the destruction. Yet while she saved many, thousands still perished that day—but all who survived witnessed Janna's benevolence. Never again would the city's people forget their savior.

To this day, through the rise of Piltover and the ongoing struggles of modern Zaun, Janna's faithful wear bluebird medallions and show reverence to the winds. And through it all, Janna stands steadfast by the humble and the meek.

Zaunites all know that whether they fight for breath amid the toxic clouds of the Zaun Gray, stand against the brutality of violent chem-barons, or fend off other threats, Janna will not abandon them. Deep Breath. By Anthony Burch. They think Zaun is where the losers live. Starring: Janna. City of Iron and Glass. She was believed to have possibly spawned the Demon of Dark Valley , Pthassiass, the "Dweller in the Pool" , and another monster, [21] and to drink the blood spilled in battle.

Earth-Mother was also known under the guises of Ishtar , Derketo and Ashtoreth , [7] among others:. Those different names were sometimes invoked one alongside to another. Ishtar, Derketo and Ashtoreth were considered chiefs among the Earth-Mother goddesses held responsible for the fertility of Shem 's lands. Allegedly jealous of the beautiful mortal Isolene , Ishtar had her locked up in an enchanted tower guarded by demons , where she died. Later, at the time gods and mortals walked together, her own priest Libro stole her Lifestone , granting him power over her for centuries.

Libro eventually lost the Lifestone, and it returned to Inanna in Ababenzzar now in the desert separating Turan from the Hyborian kingdoms , where Libro tried to retrieve it with the help of Conan who didn't know Libro's true intentions.

Under the mortal form of Alonia , Ishtar tried to dissuade Libro, in vain. As Libro invoked a creature to kill Conan who slew Libro in return, "Alonia" intervened, allowing the barbarian to destroy the creature. She then recovered her Lifestone and appeared to Conan as Ishtar.

Around BC, Inanna attempted to add the Eternal champion Gilgamesh to her list of sexual conquests. Copyright by Company Name. Disclaimer - Contact. For me it made a useful contrast to overtly political demonstrations, without long speeches by big names, and it was good to attend an event for peace together with groups of people I don't normally meet, but who clearly have a great deal to offer.

Contact: Campaign Atom, tel Oxford What a nice idea to have one here - everyone agreed, but no one wanted to "do" it because it would be too much work.

Nor did I, but" the idea just refused to go away so in the end I gave in to persistent internal pestering and announced that I would walk from somewhere in Wales to somewhere, like Greenham Common, in England with anyone else that wanted to come. About forty of us assembled in Cardiff on August 26th, and the first thing that struck us was our variety.

The more we discovered of ourselves the more impressed we became - by the numbers of women, for instance, for whom coming on the march had been difficult, involving elaborate arrangements over child-care or jobs, or giving up a holiday. Simply to discover that this primlooking grandmother, this cheerful G.

This faith is important, for the potential of "the movement" to rise to the rhetoric about The Greatest Challenge in the History of Mankind is no more than the potential of these miserable individuals, with dinner to cook and too much to do already, and a deepseated lack of faith in themselves and others By the second half of our long walk in the heat wave, the atmosphere was like a kind of force-field within which obstacles served only to strengthen determination and policemen relaxed, became human and danced with us to the tune of "No More Hiroshimas" What I believe we experienced was something of that creative spirit, that power of mimesis, evoked by our distant ancestors when they drew pictures to overcome their fear of the huge powerful animals that surrounded and threatened them - the woolly marnmoth, the sabre-toothed tiger.

They drew it and danced and in this way they came to believe it could be done - these powerful creatures could be killed. Wagner Labor Archives. New York. The Nation, June 30, pp. We gave support to the original marchers from Wales women and men , who subsequently set up the Peace Campaign after having reached Greenham Common. It soon became an all female camp and CND continued to give support.

My house was near the Greenham base which is why I became the head of the movement. Consequently I didn't live at the camp but was a very frequent visitor and supporter. Campbell, Duncan: The road to Greenham Common. Women of the whole world, No. They marched "in an attempt to bring some attention to how they felt about the nuclear war issue and the unacceptable escalation Cruise missiles in Europe represents".

They were virtually ignored by the media. In order to get publicity for their views, on arrival at Greenham Common, some of the women chained themselves to the fence around the military base for 24 hours just as the suffragettes had done outside the Houses of Parliament at the beginning of the century in the fight for votes for women They set up what has become known as the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp at the main gate of the base.

They have now been living there 11 months in tents and caravans through the heavy snows and rain storms of the harsh winter and the summer heat wave.

About a dozen women and some children are always living in the peace camp-some have been there the whole time; others for a few months, weeks or days. They are ordinary women-factory workers, students, housewives, professionals and unemployed women-who have sacrificed their normal life to protect not only the lives of their families and friends, but the lives of all humanity. The peace camp has the official support of the entire peace movement in Britain.

Individuals and whole bus loads from local peace groups come to show their solidarity, bringing food and financial support. For instance, one day recently, fifty women from Dorset Women for Peace came dressed up as waitresses, carrying models of Cruise missiles and holding placards asking "Who ordered these?

They gave out home-baked "peace cakes" to the workers at the base, saying "Don't feel guilty; just don't work here! As well as having a very visible presence at the main entrance of the military base, the women peace campers are taking many initiatives to spread the word of peace and life and to intensify the fight against Cruise missiles. They talk with the British building workers who are constructing the silos for the new missiles two workers left their jobs when they discovered what it is that they are building-quite a sacrifice in a time of over 3 million unemployed ; they explain their case to the US soldiers and their children with posters and conversations; they speak at nuclear disarmament meetings up and down the country, and Helen John, one of the original founders af the camp who is still there, made a fighting speech at the quarter million strong national demonstration for nuclear disarmament held in London in June.

They organized a very successful Festival of Life on 21 March to mark the spring equinox and mothers day the traditional festivals welcoming spring and life. About 10, people came to the base and surrounded it, listening to music, dancing, singing and watching theatre. Starting that evening, women staged a symbolic occupation of the base by sitting across all the entrances to the base, stopping traffic in and out for 24 hours. The next morning, police removed a section of the fencing at the back of the base to follow soldiers and workers on the silos through.

Women immediately sat in front of this hole as well. Two days later, the local District Council announced that they were seeking action in the High Court to evict the peace campers. Despite nation-wide protests, they won their case, and at the end of May the police arrived with bulldozers.

They removed the caravans and completely demolished a large communal tent, which the protesters had used as a meeting area.

They arrested five women who lay in front of the bulldozers in a last valliant effort to prevent the destruction of a nationally supported protest for peace. They were sent to prison for one week and thousands of women rallied in protest at the prison gates. But these determined women were not to be defeated. They immediately set up camp again-two yards down the road on land over which the District Council has no jurisdiction.

And they are still there! I had already met several women peace campers from Greenham Common at various European women's peace conferences and meetings during the past months, and was delighted to be able, at last, to visit the camp in July. I spoke with Babs [Schmidt] who is one of the women living in the camp -and heard about their plans.

On Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days they are organizing a public event at the war memorial in the nearby town, drawing attention to the horrific effects of nuclear holocaust.

They plan also to stage an action at the gates of the base and to attempt to enter it in a peaceful way and talk with the soldiers. They are in the process of investigating the history of the base. They have discovered that is built on common land, which should, by custom, be open to free use by all citizens. They are looking into whether it is in fact lawful for the base to have been built there and if not intend to push through the courts for its removal!

Amongst their many original ideas for action is the plan to surround the whole base, whim has a perimeter of ten miles, with women holding hands a human chain. They will need 10, women and are spreading the idea everywhere in order to gain the support they need and will surely get. Babs told me how important the support from all over the country and abroad is. They have received letters and telegrams from many different countries and organizations, including the WIDF.

Greenham Common, Berkshire, Great Britain. Just as I was saying goodbye a representative of the Ministry of Transport who owns the land the camp is now on brought a 28 day notice of eviction. But the women at Greenham Common will battle on and, with all their initiative, will find a way of maintaining a permanent presence at the gates of this crucial base in their heroic battle to stop the stationing of Cruise missiles in Britain. The Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp has become on the one hand, a focal point for the peace movement, and on the other hand, a great inspiration to others for action.

There are now twelve 'Peace camps throughout Britain. Each has its own specific character, but all are firm in their stand against Cruise missiles and for nuclear disarmament.

Another nationwide campaign is the one for Nuclear Free zones. Already over local councils-including those of big cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool, and whole regions in Scotland, and Wales in its entirety-have declared themselves Nuclear Free zones, convinced that "their citizens should not suffer the horrors of nuclear war", They have passed resolutions in whim they call upon the British Government "to refrain from the manufacture or positioning of any nuclear Weapons of any kind within the area of our city region, etc.

The united action of these Nuclear Free lone councils has forced the government to postpone indefinitely a nationwide civil defense exercise part of a NATO exercise designed to test and encourage local civilian involvement in dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear war.

This is a great victory, but the fight goes on. Nuclear disarmament and peace groups have sprung up everywhere throughout Britain in the last two years. In the largest city to the smallest village, thousands of people of all age and backgrounds-many of whom have never before been involved in political activity-are on the streets with leaflets, loudspeakers, stalls and cars in protest at the stationing of Cruise missiles on British soil and for nuclear disarmament and peace.

The half a million people who participated in massive national demonstrations for nuclear disarmament in October and June have made their views very clear to the government.

They, and the many others locally, are determined to realize the movement's slogan:. In , The Guardian was sent photocopies of two classified documents about the deployment of US cruise missiles in Britain. When the Government demanded them back in order to establish the identity of the mole, the paper eventually produced them. Sarah Tisdall, the young clerk who had sent them, was then prosecuted and subsequently jailed. The first memo discussed tactics of political and media damage-control to be employed when the missiles arrived, and the second concerned' security arrangements at Greenham Common, one of the U.

Air Force bases to which the cruise missiles were committed. Selections from Full Text The following da[y] Sarah Tisdall, a year-old civil service clerk working in the office of Sir Geoffrey Howe, read the memos This memo dealt with the possibility that demonstrators at Greenham Common might be shot by Royal Air Force personnel, backed by armed U.

Daily Mirror. December 12, Beside the storage pens is a high-level observation tower manned round the clock by armed paratroopers. They are understood to have orders to shoot any unauthorised person approaching the silos Most are veterans of last year's fighting in the Falklands. The United States seeks elimination "global zero" of U. The first U. The United States offers to resume the talks whenever the Soviets are willing to return, but the talks remain suspended until March 12, END Journal, No.

Campbell, Duncan: Convoy caught in city. New Statesman, vol. Campbell, Duncan: Dangers of the nuclear convoys. Spare Rib Magazine, , No. National Library of Wales: Pacifism in Wales. Campbell, Thalia: Years of women's banners. In February , the camp became women-only space. Cook, Judith: Greenham's uncommon women. Jones, Lynne: In the eye of the storm. Spare Rib: Greenham : Inside and out. Wallsgrove, Ruth: Press Coverage. Ikkevold, No. The 'camp' itself consisted of nine smaller camps: the first was Yellow Gate, established the month after Women for Peace on Earth reached the airbase; others established in were Green Gate, the nearest to the silos, and the only entirely exclusive women-only camp at all times, the others accepting male visitors during the day; Turquoise Gate; Blue Gate with its new age focus; Pedestrian Gate; Indigo Gate; Violet Gate identified as being religiously focussed; Red Gate known as the artists gate; and Orange Gate.

A central core of women lived either full-time or for stretches of time at any one of the gate camps with others staying for various lengths of time.

From the beginning, links were formed with local feminist and anti-nuclear groups across the country while early support was received from the Women's Peace Alliance in order to facilitate these links and give publicity through its newsletter. Anne Lee: "I stayed at Indigo Gate, the main gate on the north side of the base.

The USAF c. We then called it Woad Gate woad was an ancient blue dye with which ancient Britons painted their bodies when confronting the Roman adversary. The campsite was on the road verge. At one stage there were 9 camps: 7 at the Gates, identified by the women as the colours of the rainbow. Between Green and Blue Gates, there was Emerald camp - opposite the Cruise Missile Silos and between Red and Orange was Red Gap, where an internal road terminated at the fence, but there was no gate - it would, however, have been possible for the USAF to have brought out the missile convoy through Red Gap.

We would like to ask for recipes and ideas from other VV readers, bearing in mind that we cook over a wood fire. I particularly would like to know about soya 'cheese', as I remember being given some at a festival once. Yours in peace. The women's peace camp at Greenham Common was copied and exported around the world:.

When a few dozen British women marched miles from South Wales to Greenham Common in , they didn't plan to start an international trend in the peace movement. They intended to have a debate with military personnel at the proposed U. The debate never did occur, but the women set up the first peace camp at a military site, sparking the establishment of similar camps throughout the world. As a semi-permanent presence at a military facility, a peace camp acts as a center for direct action organizing, workshops, discussions, and other activities focused on challenging militarism in general, and a local military installation in particular.

This summer peace camps are functioning at nuclear installations in several regions of the U. Five of the most active are:. Seneca is a storage facility for neutron bombs and probably Pershing II missiles, and a transhipment point for nuclear weapons going to Europe. Last year Seneca was the site of the first U. Project Elf is a sophisticated radio transmitter designed to summon Trident submarines to the surface for a coordinated first-strike attack.

It is the "trigger" to launch such an attack. Until recently this aspect of the Pentagon's first-strike policy has gone unnoticed outside Wisconsin and Michigan. The peace presence aims to highlight this dangerous system, and to challenge its continuation. Citing the success of previous social movements in abolishing slavery in South Carolina, camp organizers are determined to challenge the state's role in building nuclear weapons.

An all women's camp has also been established on the same site. For the women's camp: Based upon the principles of nonviolence and feminism, this camp was one of several established last year in opposition to the cruise and Pershing II Euromissiles. For men 's support group contact: The peace camp is a part of a campaign to shut down one Minuteman missile silo in Montana hence the name Silence One Silo.

It serves as a base to house and train volunteers, acts as a center of information and action, and also provides continued access to the missile site. The camp hopes to become a model of action for people near other ICBM fields. In the event that the Air Force abandons the silo, the organizers plan to dedicate the camp as a peace park.

Britain will receive ground-launched cruise missiles GLCM. Greenham Common is scheduled to be the first site in Europe to receive the missiles. But from past experience this suggests that a portion of the missiles will be deployed around September.

The missile launchers, known as TELs, will arrive even sooner. Construction of the super-hardened concrete silos is well advanced as could be observed during the television coverage on New Year's Day protests at Greenham. The main reason for the haste appears to be political. The US is anxious that the Greenham Common facility should be as advanced as possible before a general election so as to make cancellation by a future British Government more difficult. But they can detect the presence of launch vehicles and as such it has been acknowledged by the American negotiator, Paul Nitze, that the Soviet Union is likely to pull out of the talks as soon as that part of the cruise missile system is deployed.

The Molesworth base is, so far, completely open; it is currently used for RAF disposal. Only Ministry of Defence signs deter the curious visitor. The only evidence of construction is what looks like the extension and renewal of an old disused runway. The demonstration on December 12, the invasion of the base on New Year's Day and various other forms of direct action have dramatically drawn attention to the cruise issue. There is also a People's Peace Camp at Molesworth , with about 50 to people, and much more space and facilities than Greenham.

The camp includes several caravans, a windmill and a hut and campers were prosecuted for making a vegetable garden inside the base area. The United Kingdom is the only one of the five prospective host countries where sittings for the deployment of the new systems have been carried out and two main operating bases MOB have been selected there. The decision to accept cruise missiles and the more recent announcement of the purchase of the Trident missile to replace the Polaris deterrent force has sparked a new wave of antinuclear feeling in the United Kingdom.

Opposition to the possession of nuclear arms and the location of American nuclear bases on British soils reported to be running higher than in the days of the "campaign for nuclear disarmament CND " in the 's. The movement has produced a spate of literature and articles arguing for [sic] and against the Government's current position.

Much of the argument has been evoked by the publication of a Government handbook on Civil Defense, "Protect and Survive," which provoked a critical review of Government policy by Oxford historian E.

Thompson called "Protest and Survive. GPO, Washington, p. Campbell, Duncan: Cruise missile base nears completion. Between them they documented the plans to defend the country in case we should ever be attacked by atomic weapons. That was in July ; in September , the two bases featured on the Square Leg bomb plot as high-priority targets indeed. Greenham Common was one of the very earliest Square Leg targets. It would not have been dishonest for the MOD to say that the bases were almost certainly priority targets anyway, and the addition of the cruise missiles represented only a marginal increase in the mortal risk already faced in war by anyone living near the bases.

Paladin, p. Taking Liberties by Andrew Puddephatt. The Observer in October claimed that, based on interviews with British Telecom engineers, there had been a 50 per cent increase in the number of engineers engaged in tapping telephones and that 30, taps a year were currently being placed on the lines of British citizens.

The storage of information on people by the police has increased massively; it is not just people who are criminals or suspected of crime who are stored on the Police National Computer PNC.

Ministers have the power to define who is and who isn't subversive and who does or does not warrant surveillance by the security services. Michael Heseltine used MI5 to collect information on CND and the Greenham Common protesters in order to fight a political campaign in the media against the peace movements.

Campbell, Duncan: Tories wage secret war on peace campaigmers. In January Newbury District Council revoked the common land bye-laws for Greenham Common, becoming the private landlord for the site and instituting court proceedings to reclaim eviction costs, actions which were ruled as illegal by the House of Lords in In her book of reportage, On the Perimeter, she depicts the lives, fears and prejudices of all those involved; she talks to the women themselves, to bystanders, to shopkeepers, and members of RAGE Ratepayers Against Greenham Encampments.

She witnesses the evictions, sexual abuse of the women by the paratroopers, the trials in Newbury of women who have entered the base and the sudden arrival of the hunt at Main Gate In the appeal court, he overturned a ruling that had removed the names of 13 women from the Newbury electoral register, stating: "As to the need for a qualifying address, there can be no doubt that the Greenham ladies have it.

Their mail is regularly delivered Up to 50, women were involved in protests to try to stop the movement of missiles. Michael Fleet: One last heave will topple the Greenham fence. At the end of , women from Greenham Comon had been arrested. New Statesman, Vol. Strang : Is the Secretary of State aware that I delivered to his office this morning a large chunk of concrete which the Greenham common women believe was thrown over the perimeter fence on to one of their tents in the middle of the night just before Christmas by a British soldier?

Has he noticed the recent reports in the press of the harassment of the Greenham common women by British soldiers? Will he take this opportunity to make it clear that he is opposed to any such harassment and that if any Member of Parliament provides him with precise details of any such incident it will be investigated?

Heseltine : I think that I can help the hon. I am against members of the armed forces throwing concrete at people. Greenham women demonstrate against nuclear and racial exploitation of the Soufh Pacific. Base, Cockburn Sound.

Photo Pam Isherwood. This song book is a reprint Remember the little yellow flip-over? We began with a copy of one of the many personal collections kept by Greenham women around the world. Other songs were added. It was completed in time for the last December 12th.

Prompted by a need to challenge the invitation and sponsorship of a MAN to represent women's experiences in a musical narration - 'Gates of Greenham' at Manchester Free Trade Hall, we began re-working Greenham's song book: The intention was to present at least a part-record through song and graphics, a women's experience of Greenham, BY WOMEN, to sell before and after the performance. Unlike Tony Biggin, we had NO sponsorship then, the copies soon ran-out. There were requests for more. And reminders There's been lots of women involved one way, or another: women writing songs and adapting well known 'men's songs ; women inspiring songs, listening, joining in, collecting songs, singing for music- writing, writing-out words, collecting graphics from old leaflets and newsletters, pasting-up and collating All round, lots and lots of us!!

And none of us named: We had many discussion about this. Finally, we felt, because it would be impossible to name all women, many unknown to us, and the fact that the book is not a money-making venture, no 'credits' list should be added.

Mr Parkinson, apparently disconcerted to find that a high level of disturbance inside Holloway was Album) norm, refused to bind the six women over. Featured in collections. Zephyr Janna summons an Album) elemental that passively increases her Movement Speed and enables her to pass through units. Last year Seneca was the site of the first U. There are some photographs within the documents, and if you are interested in one of two, let me know. Best Runes Reforged Sorcery. Despite nation-wide protests, they won their case, and at the end of May the police arrived with bulldozers. Inanna is a character with various titles and names sometimes close to each other, themselves with many variants or typos.
Mystic Lady - Saint Vitus - Hallows Victim (Vinyl, LP, Album), Accelerator - Therapy? - Nurse (CD, Album), Allegro - Albinoni* - I Solisti Veneti / Claudio Scimone - Douze Concertos, Op. V (Vinyl, LP), Superbad, Superslick Part II

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