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The goal is slow that flow of immigrants coming now. We have tripled the number of border patrol agents on the border since the crackdown began in We have tripled the amount of money spent, and during that period of time since then the numbers of illegal immigrants have only grown more rapidly.

What people along those migrants routes really talk about what would work is employer sanctions and that means not only having sanctions for people who hire immigrants who are here illegally but enforcement of those. That means that people will be actually fined, and that has not occurred in the United States. And secondly, that we really have to deal with the push factor, what's driving people to come from Central America and Mexico, and the fact is that people there talk about the need for the United States to really have a foreign policy centered around immigration.

No one is talking about this. But where we really work with these countries, whether it is through trade preferences, let more of their goods into the United States or other means to help create jobs for these people. Most immigrants do not want to come to America, they want to stay in their countries with their families with everything they know. And we need to help those countries do that.

KING: So was he not in focus? And the real question is if there is tamper proof identification, will the federal government actually enforce the laws?

So far, they have proven unwilling to do that. There is virtually no enforcement of the laws that are currently on the books. So you can't blame Americans for questioning will this administration or any administration enforce any kind of employer sanctions in the future. They've been unwilling to take away from employers what they wanted, which is cheap compliant workers from the south. KING: What was it like to go through what you went through? There were people who lost legs and arms to the trains.

The trains are ruled -- the tops of the trains are controlled by gangsters in the south of Mexico, by bandits alongside the tracks. And people are willing to do anything to reach America. KING: Because opportunity, jobs. NAZARIO: Well, a lot of people I wrote about were mothers, single mothers who were coming north and children who were trying to follow them many years later.

These women -- and really we don't talk about how a lot of immigrants coming to the U. And these women are single mothers, and they listen to their children's cries of hunger at night. And they can only feed them once or twice a day. And they do what almost any parent would do in that situation, they go north knowing they can make money and they can feed their children. And their children have a chance of perhaps going to school perhaps past the third grade. And tonight I'm at the border, and he is an Chicago.

What are you doing there? We are staying on the story, the battle over the border. We will be getting our first look at voter's reaction to President Bush's ideas for immigration reform.

We are working on a new CNN poll. The results are just coming in. We will have that at the top of the hour, see how people feel about sending national guard troops to border. And we will gauge if the president's proposals will become law with the best political team in the business.

A whole lot to cover, Larry, in the hour ahead. And we'll be back at the border. In our remaining moments, we'll try to get final comments from every member of the panel, but something is happening right now as we speak.

Edward Olmos, what is this? What are we looking at? KING: They're coming across for the evening? KING: If they were coming across for the evening to do what? You know, they are coming across. You can see them walking now. KING: Now, there's no one around here to stop them, right? KING: But we just passed border patrol cars pulling up here. In fact, there is a border control car right behind you.

KING: Now, are they going to go get them? These people are coming across here, and they are going to continue to come across here until the problem is fixed. I don't know where they are coming from. I think, you know, Sonia said it very well, and I think that everybody has agreed that the problem starts with the understanding of why they have to come here in the first place.

KING: Jim, doesn't that concern you, why do they have to come? These are not invading barbarians. KING: No. But there are 6. And I know that Dobbs, Lou, said it already, that this is a world problem, this is not just the United States and the southern border. KING: You wouldn't call -- do you call them criminals? DOBBS: No, as a matter of fact, I'm the only one sitting around our respective cameras, Larry, who actually said to James Sensenbrenner, I absolutely oppose criminalizing illegal aliens.

I think it's foolhardy to make them felons. I do think that we should make felons out of every illegal employer of illegal aliens. And I think while we extend ourselves -- and I'm also probably I think -- I'll throw this out, see what the reaction is -- I think I'm the only one on this panel who's actually worked with migrant workers in the fields, with beans, potatoes, hay in my youth.

I know them to be good and decent people. But I also know million U. Mexico is the source of nearly all of the heroine, cocaine, meth and marijuana imported into this country. We have to deal with that at the border. We have to stop this illegal immigration. Our policies have to be intelligent, but our first responsibility is to take care of working men and women in this country, U. Our educational systems are overwhelmed. KING: Ed If I was to ask you why is it that a corporation can go anywhere in the world to find the cheapest labor that they can, but a worker can't go where the work is?

KING: Well put. That is one of the great libertarian mindlessness -- mindless theories that are brought in both parties, Ed. The fact is, this political system of ours, in the United States, is what makes our economy possible.

Democracy, our free enterprise democracy makes this economic system possible. It is not the inverse. You know, we need to treasure it and respect it as we must our citizenship and the security of our people. We exploit -- our corporations go off and exploit. He's self-absorbed and prone to taking advantage of his friends. It's more thoughtless than finger-wagglingly evil, but still, he's kind of a dick. The guy's a bit of a dope too, and even if he can leap forty feet in the air and pull off a hit combo, Scott's awfully lazy whenever he isn't square in the middle of a brawl.

He has no real ambition and is trying to coast through his twenties with as little effort as possible. That's a pretty tough juggling act to pull off, and Michael Cera nails it. Yeah, yeah, there's a pretty big Cera backlash going around for whatever reason, but I've always liked the guy. He gets accused of playing the same character over and over, but that's not the case here at all. Scott is less witty than a lot of Cera's other characters have been, and he hardly ever whips out his [click on the thumbnail to enlarge] trademark awkwardness here either.

Scott's extremely confident, actually His take on Scott isn't as hyperenthusiastic as the character in the comics, but it works extremely well in this context.

It's clearly a perfect casting choice. Why stop there, though? The casting straight across the board is brilliant. A lot of these characters are seen only briefly, and the actors that Edgar Wright and company have lined up make every frame of screentime they get count. Ramona is kind of a tricky role to play because the character is so guarded.

Even across six books, it's easy to describe Ramona in terms of what she looks like and what she does, but it's a lot tougher to dig into her actual personality. She doesn't put a lot of herself out there, and Winstead doesn't have a thousand-plus pages of canvas to work with either.

She's perfect, though, striking that balance between being aloof, vulnerable, and the coolest girl in the room Kieran Culkin steals every last scene he's in as Wallace Wells, Scott's cool gay roommate. Wallace scores pretty much all the best lines and most of the best physical gags.

Ellen Wong is another definite highlight, brilliantly capturing Knives' wide-eyed flavor of teenage puppy love.

If you've already torn into Scott Pilgrim vs. Alison Pill makes for a cacklingly acidic Kim Pine, Brie Larson nails the sultry posturing of an art-rock cover girl, and Aubrey Plaza gets some of the movie's biggest laughs as the hypervulgar Julie Powers. I mean, just hit up thesaurus. There's not a weak link anywhere in the cast. I'll admit that it took a second viewing of Scott Pilgrim vs. Maybe it's just because I'd read the original graphic novels to the point of rote memorization, but the pace seemed dizzyingly manic my first time through.

The movie screamed ahead so quickly that I frequently felt disoriented early on. My favorite parts of the books were often the in-between stuff: just Scott and his friends sitting around and talking. The characters in the books are so multidimensional that they often come across as genuine people , and I felt at first as if its film adaptation captured every bit of the action but lost of the heart of it all in the process.

We are producing a theory! I think that even when not listening I do the same, writing and listening my brain seems to block hearing we are touched by the sounds, and do listen. Well, Muppet show music is always playing somewhere between my mind and my neck…The senses are bosy, they work despite our intentions. Seminal post and links to later ones at —. I loved the reporting, meaning the interviews with people who stayed to listen and people who left, and the videos.

The troweled on cultural decline narrative, no thanks. There was no failure of classical music or art or this modern world. The experiment was rigged to fail, although the riggers may not have realized that themselves. But I smiled all the way through those videos. Good for Weingarten for having such a fun idea and making it happen — and then, with the help of, say, Mark Leithauser, even treating it somewhat thoughtfully. I was surprised to read the end of your blog entry, as I shared most of your previous reactions to the Post article.

I would be eager to read your responses to two issues, both of which have already come up to some degree in the comments:. In valuing the Chaconne more than most passers-by, are we doing so to justify our own work? A subway performance gives the listener far greater choice than in a concert hall: you can stand and listen for hours, minutes, or seconds; you can pay what you want; you can talk, eat, and drink during it; you can ignore it.

That mural spans 90 years of New York subway history. I think a great irony of the mural, and of metro music, is that most will not stop to watch or listen; but those who do, who really want to, and who value an understanding of at least a sizeable portion of the work, can get just what they want. Times Square is a transfer station; who even knows how many people rush through there every morning.

I think that after about two years of running through every morning between and I spent a good deal of time with it! Muzak is a large can of worms, but possibly its greatest distinction from much other music is, with its hints of the familiar and smooth, subconscious strands of popular tunes, its evasion of our time perception altogether. You need either ears to hear music, or resolve enough to appreciate it on the page.

The other implication in the article, which is a bit more subtle, is that classical music has somehow suffered from technology. Somehow, it is implied, all these people are listening to Kanye West instead of Josh Bell. Yes, a clearly silly experiment. Nico responds: come on, now. Who this is. Thanks, Nico, for responding so quickly to my post. I like the process you describe of piecing together the reception of a work bit by bit over time. Most subway musicians, especially those in New York, tend to claim their territory and play the same tunes quite often.

So, if Bell was a regular metro violinist—which many apparently thought, if they processed his presence at all—one could presumably piece together the Chaconne over a long period of time, just like the Lichtenstein mural. The article did say the acoustics in the D. I really enjoyed reading this article, thanks for posting it. It shed some light on a phenomenon that one might not ordinarily think about.

I was afraid that it would be cheesy, but it is not. The juggling set did not include all of the items that were promised and the quality of the items is poor.

The description for this product leads one to believe that it comes with juggling scarves and a plate and stick. This is not the case. This product only comes with juggling balls, juggling pins, and juggling rings. I believe that the manufacturer has changed the definition of this product. I first ordered this product from Amazon, and it also did not meet the product description.

The juggling balls are not standard size. The pins are very light in weight which make them hard to juggle with. Overall, the kit was disappointing and not worth the price. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Recent searches Clear All. Enter Location. Update location. Learn more. Report incorrect product information. Walmart Out of stock.

Even though Serenity doesn't have [click on the thumbnail to enlarge] any established marquee draws on the poster, it does boast a pair of movie stars; it's just Hollywood that hasn't caught up yet. Summer Glau is absolutely dazzling as River. Glau takes this tortured teenager whose mental state is quickly unraveling and creates a character who's somewhat unnerving, strangely charming, and deeply sympathetic at the same time.

It'd be a difficult juggling act for any young actress, but to add in the grace and ferocity of the attacks she unleashes makes it that much more remarkable. One sequence in particular with River singlehandedly taking down a bar teeming with thugs and gunslingers is an extraordinary ballet of violence, and to watch it unfold in long cuts without choppy editing or stunt doubles awkwardly standing in made for one of the single best action sequences of Nathan Fillion is equally electrifying.

Even with just a passing glance when he first steps onto the frame, it's immediately clear that Fillion is the star of Serenity. Think of Mal as a cross between Han Solo and The Man with No Name: an embittered gunslinger driven by self-interest but guided by a conscience he'd prefer not to acknowledge just the same.

Fillion, too, is the best of Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, and damned near any other widely adored movie star I could name. His take on Mal is authoritative, wickedly funny, and a hell of a scrapper even when he's beaten and battered. Fillion is the sort of endlessly engaging actor that makes me seek out movies he's in just for him alone, and I'd love to see him become the household name he wholly deserves to be.

Serenity teeters on the brink of perfection. It's astonishing that a movie like this -- spinning off of a failed TV series with a largely unknown cast -- got a greenlight at all, but for it to turn out so brilliantly?

Even my sixth or seventh time through Serenity , I'm still floored. I'd struggle to find anything to complain about at all. Whedon's stylized dialogue can occasionally sound forced, and the fairly modest budget sometimes creeps into backdrops that distractingly look like sets, but those are easily shrugged off.

It's a really exceptional movie, period, and one that's well worth discovering on Blu-ray. Very, very Highly Recommended. Video Serenity [click on the thumbnail to enlarge] was the reason I opted to pre-order an HD DVD player several years ago, and even having watched the movie repeatedly in high definition since the Spring of , I still found myself floored after giving this Blu-ray disc a spin.

If you've already torn into Scott Pilgrim vs. Then get up gradually. And considering I played violin for 13 years with an hour of practice every day, an hour a week of guitar is not too difficult to find time for. This one made me choke when I first saw it. While Whedon's other creations didn't find steady footing until their second seasons, Firefly roared out of the gate fully-realized, bolstered by an intriguing blend of science fiction with the American West, Whedon's trademark sparkling wit, a compelling set of characters, and an outstanding cast. I mean, I don't actually have a cardbut if there were one, I really would be carrying it around in my wallet and it'd probably be heavily autographed to boot. It'd be a difficult juggling act for any young actress, but to add in the grace and Juggling Act - ;Just A Minute; Panel - Just A Minute The Best Of 2008 (CD) of the attacks she unleashes makes it that much more remarkable. Where is it going to go?
Двадцать Лет Спустя - Юрий Антонов - Крыша Дома Твоего (Vinyl, LP, Album), Empty Chairs - Lori Spee - How Many Times (Cassette), Dame Blanche - Various - Trance Energy (CD), Outro : Illumination Theory

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  1. Sep 14,  · This impressive video is going viral today and has just over , views so far. Juggling In A Cone. Here’s a juggling act like none you’ve ever seen—it’s juggling inside of .
  2. Life Is a Juggling Act Sometimes it’s your schedule, sometimes it’s flaming torches. Michael Moschen, the world’s greatest juggler, shows you how to keep all those balls in the air.
  3. Just Jugglery: Juggling Act - II [JUG SURIYA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Just Jugglery: Juggling Act - II Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Whole Foods Find a Gift Registry Gift Cards AmazonBasics Sell #FoundItOnAmazon Free Shipping Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support.5/5(1).
  4. Definition of a juggling act in the Idioms Dictionary. a juggling act phrase. What does a juggling act expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  5. That’s just silly. However, as an aside, I’m ALL over the vision of Joshua starting his act by juggling with chainsaws followed by a bit of fire-eating. If he THEN hit us up with the Chaconne, I’d be there for the whole 20 minute act AND pony up $20 with nary a qualm.
  6. In an episode of Just a Minute (the panel game where players have to talk about a subject without hesitation, repetition or deviation), Paul Merton took the given subject Off the Rails — not unusual for him — and started talking about the Welsh and Scottish parliaments. Clement Freud brought the house down by challenging him for "devolution.".
  7. Aug 22,  · The latest series of Just a Minute is the 76th run of the programme on BBC Radio 4, but the first for producer Matt Stronge. I asked him about the job of steering one of radio’s crown jewels.
  8. I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is a BBC radio comedy panel cafpianewsfirase.ardhawroezaptualcfacasmossransvanlinu.couced as "the antidote to panel games", it consists of two teams of two comedians "given silly things to do" by a show was launched in April as a parody of radio and TV panel games, and has been broadcast since on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, with repeats aired on .

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