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Warning -- sacrilegious, irreverent. If that kind of thing upsets you don't read it. Omg This should be required reading for American citizenship. It eases the cognitive dissonance between Thomas Jefferson's declaration of independence and the way he funded his bullshit trash mansion- by breeding slaves to sell. America is a Christian nation and this is its deity.

Mark Twain hit the nail on the head with this one. My gawd, I am loving this book! Utterly irreverent, yes. And excellent. Quite the set of essays. I like. A lot. And rational. And humorous, of course. Started more strongly than it ended but still 4 stars. It starts off quite humorously but Mark Twain quickly loses his cool and becomes angry and vitriolic.

I think Bill Maher does it better. It's hard to believe this kind of work could be published in s. A brutal gibe at theism, Mark Twain helps us understand most mythical beliefs are nonsensical.

The book chiefly concerns itself with Christianity and the Bible but arguments can just as easily be applied to any religion. He is Twain A well written letters by Satan, describing the foolishness of human race considering their concept of the creature and the universe. Twain's writing is so eloquent, sarcastic, and humorous as he scathes the ridiculousness of Christianity and the Bible.

With cool logic and scientific facts, he assails the very idea that God is loving and merciful. I was impressed with the witty humor and unabashed honesty of Twain in this compilation of previously unpublished writings by the master of American satire, Mark Twain. Whether expounding on relegion, politics or just plain life, Twain always reverts back to the simple facts of human nature. I could almost see him sitting on stage, smoking a cigar and entertaining an audience with his precocious intellect.

He easily convinced me that "man is incurably foolish. And on the ladder of development, t I was impressed with the witty humor and unabashed honesty of Twain in this compilation of previously unpublished writings by the master of American satire, Mark Twain.

And on the ladder of development, the human being is at the bottom stage, with only the Frenchman below us. As a great storyteller, Twain must have had innumerable ideas and scenarios floating around in his head.

I would have liked this very involved story completed by the master himself rather then by the learned editor or left to my stunted imagination. Certainly Twain was a man born before his time. Otherwise, why were these papers and writings kept from the public for twenty years after his death by his daughter who thought that they "presented a distorteed view of her father's ideas and attitudes.

It will be interesting to see if Samuel Clemens is accepted as seriously as Mark Twain intended. Twain's father was a Deist and his mother was a Presbyterian. And he is not surprisingly all over the map regarding matters of faith. I have three more books about this that I hope to read and there are two sides to this story. But most people are more familiar with his skepticism. For example he infamously said things like: "Faith is believing what you know ain't so" and "If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be - a Christian.

Twain wrote this book when he was at a very low point in his life and it was not released until 52 years after his death. It is almost his personal "Bible. Twain knew the stories of the Bible but he most often twisted or missed their meaning. In this book he says of the Bible: "It is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some cleaver fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity, and upwards of a thousand lies.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Where do I begin? I am sure in the 60s this was groundbreaking, but in this day an age you can find the same anti-christian ramblings on Reddit. However that is not my biggest concern: My biggest concern is how this little book goes from being funny to just be an angry rant against the idea of God. I liked a chapter in the beginning where Satan wonders why mankind would want to get into heaven?

On earth, most people can't sing or play an instrument. And they only go to church once a week for ab Where do I begin? And they only go to church once a week for about two hours before heading home. Imagine going to a place where every human who has ever lived does excactly that for all eternity! Billions of unskilled musicians playing the harp and singing out-of-tune "Halleluuujah, halleluuuujah!!!

Does that sound like a place you wanna go to after death? But later on in the book, he delivers a rant on how "Thou shalt not kill" makes no sense because God is killing a bunch of people in the Old Testament.

That part could've been funny or thought-provoking, even! But it's neither, it's just Mark rambling on how that does not make sense AND it's not really that new of a thought, especially in this day and age. If you wanna read philosophy which heavily critizes christianity, I say go read David Hume instead.

It purports to be a series of letters penned on a visit to Earth by Lucifer still an angel, but contemplating his big rebellion to some fellow residents of heaven. Lucifer is astonished to discover a human race that continues to praise God lavishly even while looking at His apparent unfairness and unreliability.

The central questions raised are the old ones: How could a kind and loving God allow so much suffering? Why do people continue to give God credit for all good in the world and no blame for the bad? I was hoping this would be some sharp-tongued, witty satire from Mark Twain. After all, he is one of the sassiest betches of classic literature. I also thought this would be a really interesting, from-Lucifer's-point-of-view story.

Instead of these things it just felt like some crotchety old guy complaining about a bunch of stories from the bible in a get-off-my-lawn kinda way.

He really goes off on and into the story of Noah and the flood. He also hates flies. I would be surprised if an I was hoping this would be some sharp-tongued, witty satire from Mark Twain. I would be surprised if anything else has ever been written about flies that is so scathing and hate-filled.

He also seems to have some weird hang-ups about sex, seeing women as sexually omniscient and omnipotent, and men as sexually feeble and incompetent. Had some problems with ED Twain? Somethin' personal is driving that baggage. Overall not impressed, but still looking forward to reading other things by Twain. He never thought this would be published, so I'll cut him some slack and think of this more as a series of bitchy diary entries about biblical allegories.

Although it started off as a witty, insightful look at man and God it quickly turned into a very bitter, angry reflection of a widowed man who also lost his daughter. Mark Twain was a brilliant writer whose works really are classics, but you can tell that he was a man in pain when he wrote this. Co dalej? Na pewno. Opracowanie: Bart Gabriel. Dariusz Konicki. Do takich. Klasyka hard rocka! Tylko po co? Tak sobie.

Pierwsze cztery ciosy zadaje lubelski Abusiveness. Znakomite, epickie melodie. Ot, telewizyjny rock Chainfist jednym uchem wpada, drugim wylatuje. Muzycznie zatem bieda, ale za to jaka otoczka! Banan na ryju pewny. Tak jest, 25 lat temu. Ale wiecie co? To nie ma znaczenia. Po pierwsze wokalista wypada znacznie lepiej. Mianowicie mamy tu www. Przede wszystkim jest eklektyczny. Grupa gra przyzwoity melodyjny heavy metal z licznymi progresywnymi elementami.

Xaaya i dopracowane brzmienie. Koniec zabawy, dobranoc. Vlad Nowajczyk [ 1 ]. Eric A. Dlaczego niestety? Oby tak dalej! Pierwsza kwestia to wokal. Poprzeplataj nudnymi breakdownami. Tam ich miejsce. Same hiciory! Test trzeciego albumu zdany na bdb. Dziwna sprawa z tym Holy Grail.

Klasyczny, sabbathowski doom. Zdolne www. Co za odlot, Zeitgeister Fajne riffy, nawiedzony sic! Oficjalna strona: www. Anette Olzon! Niestety, tak nie jest. Odrobina czystych wokali.

Nowy Sodom nie zabija od razu. Tak, za-je-bis-tych! Bardzo przyjemna niespodzianka. Perkusja brzmi potwornie, bezdusznie, plastikowo! Chwytliwe riffy, ostra jazda do przodu, jajcarskie teksty. Bart Gabriel [ 9 ]. Strona kapeli: www. No jasne - po co.

High Roller Records nie zwalnia tempa. Rzecz na pewno godna uwagi. Nie, nie zobaczysz tego wszystkiego na tym DVD. Na pewno nie. Informacje na www. A jednak. Pod adresem www. Ostra jazda bez trzymanki. Info na www. Nie ma tu popytu na ten gatunek muzyki.

Trzeba przede parkingu klubu. Aha, moment, roku. Doskonale, opowiem wam o tym niebie. Jego miejsce zajmuje modlitwa. Wstrzymajcie oddech! Czy to nie dziwne, czy to nie ciekawe, czy to nie zagadkowe? Owa niewinna Biblia opowiada o Stworzeniu. Przedtem o tym nie wiedzieli. Nie, okrutnie. O imionach Kain i Abel. Nie wiemy. W relacji biblijnej wszystkie te fakty zatajono. Nie znajdziecie tam o nich nawet wzmianki. Nie wymieniono nawet nazw tych ogromnych istot.

To klucz. Ani jednego mechanizmu nie przeoczono. Przyznaje to z uczuciem, z entuzjazmem. Swoje lub czyjekolwiek inne. A much? Tak samo jest z chorobami. Tak jest zawsze.

Ot, telewizyjny rock Twain knew the stories of the Bible but he most often twisted or missed their meaning. Preview — Listy Album) ziemi by Mark Twain. HR: Ostatnie pytanie. Niekoniecznie muzycznie Dziwna sprawa z tym Holy Grail. Instead, due to the global pandemic, the Brooklyn-based Pod adresem www. A great man of letters has pointed out the not so nice parts of the bible long before they did.
So So Long, In Nomine Satanas - Various - In The Name Of Satan (CD), Sky (Twilight Mix), Poverty - Untitled (Vinyl), *List III - Roman Kostrzewski - Mark Twain ;Listy Z Ziemi; (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “List X*** - Roman Kostrzewski - Mark Twain ;Listy Z Ziemi; (CD, Album)

  1. Label: dbc - dbc • Format: 2x, CD Album • Country: Poland • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music • Style: Dark Ambient, Audiobook Roman Kostrzewski, Mark Twain - Listy Z Ziemi (, CD) | Discogs 4/5(6).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Roman Kostrzewski, Mark Twain - Listy Z Ziemi at Discogs. Complete your Roman Kostrzewski, Mark Twain collection.4/5.
  3. Instruments & Performance: Roman Kostrzewski, Mark Twain (2): Roman Kostrzewski, Mark Twain (2) - Listy Z Ziemi (Album) 2 versions: DBC: Poland: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
  4. Listy z Ziemi (ang. Letters from the Earth) – powieść Marka Twaina składająca się z jedenastu listów Szatana, który za skrytykowanie świata – dzieła Stwórcy – został zesłany na Ziemię, skąd pisuje do kolegów archaniołów Michała i cafpianewsfirase.ardhawroezaptualcfacasmossransvanlinu.coórem Szatana Twain zakreślił własny, krytyczny komentarz do Biblii.. Powieść powstała w roku , jednak ukazała się.
  5. Transkrypt (25 z dostępnych 28 stron) STRONA 1. Mark Twain „LISTY Z ZIEMI” STRONA 2. List I Stwórca siedział na tronie i myślał. Poza nim rozciągał się bezgraniczny kontynent niebios, pogrą ony w blasku świateł i barw: przed nim jak ściana trwała czarna noc Przestrzeni.
  6. „Listy z Ziemi” List I Stwórca siedział na tronie i myślał. Poza nim rozciągał się bezgraniczny kontynent niebios, pogrążony w blasku świateł i barw: przed nim jak ściana trwała czarna noc Przestrzeni. Jego potężny kształt wznosił się surowo i górzyście ku zenitowi, a jego .
  7. Feb 16,  · Listen to audiobooks by American writer Mark Twain in the playlist: Roman Kostrzewski - Listy z Ziemi (Część 1 i 2) [ Cała Płyta ] Warhorse (Full Album ) - Duration.
  8. Jun 06,  · Roman Kostrzewski w programie Teraz Wy (1) - Duration: Rafał Es , views. Oddech wymarłych światów [Full Album] - Duration: HEAVY METAL OF .

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