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The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard chart with first-week sales of , copies. After four weeks sales totaled 1,, units. In the album's fifth week it sold 75, copies bringing the total to 1,, it is Jay-Z's 11th solo album to go Platinum. In its sixth week the album rose up 2 spots to number 3 on the Billboard , despite selling 65, copies, 10, less than its previous week.

In week eight the album sold 51, copies. In the next week album sold 48, units. The album was the 9th best selling album of in the U. It was the 5th Highest selling Rap Album of according to Billboard. On the week ending July 29, , The Blueprint 3 re-entered the Billboard at It has sold 1,, copies in the US to date.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roc Nation Asylum Atlantic. Shawn Carter exec. Kanye West also exec. West No I. Carter West Wilson Marcos Valle. Shux Sewell-Ulepic [a] Hunte [a]. Timbaland J-Roc. Kenoe [b]. Carter Mosley Harmon Karin Briscoe. Carter Pharrell Williams. Artists Jay-Z — primary artist all tracks , executive producer Luke Steele — featured artist track 1 Kanye West — featured artist tracks 4, 12 Rihanna — featured artist track 4 Alicia Keys — featured artist track 5 Young Jeezy — featured artist track 6 Swizz Beatz — featured artist track 7 Drake — featured artist track 8 J.

Briscoe — background artist track 13 Technical Tony Dawsey — mastering Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton — mixing tracks 1—4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 15 , recording tracks 1—12, 14, 15 Ken "Duro" Ifill — mixing track 5 Chris Godbey — mixing, recording tracks 8, 10, 13 Fabian Marasciulloet — mixing track 14 Andrew Dawson — recording tracks 1, 2, 9, 11, 12, 15 Marcos Tovar — recording track 4 Karl Helborn — recording track 6 Miki Tsutsumi — recording track 7 Andrew Coleman — recording, digital editing and arrangement track 14 Luke Steele — recording track 1, Steele's vocals Ann Mincieli — recording track 5, Keys' vocals Dom Monteleone — engineer track 1 Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young — mixing assistant track 5 Ramon Rivas — mixing assistant track 14 Hart Gunther — digital editing and arrangement assistant track 14 Jason Wilkie — digital editing and arrangement assistant track 14 Production Kanye West — production tracks 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, 12, 15 , executive producer No I.

Retrieved February 2, Retrieved July 17, September 1, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved July 21, January 22, Retrieved July 18, Nah Right.

Retrieved on July 25, Pitchfork Media Inc. Retrieved August 19, September 24, Times Online. CD Universe. Retrieved November 25, Retrieved June 14, September 4, Retrieved Retrieved September 7, Retrieved on September 11, Rodriguez, Jayson. Retrieved June 21, Retrieved July 1, Review: The Blueprint 3. FYI this has been moved to enWS from Commons where you uploaded it, and subsequently it was deleted due to its copyright status.

I saw your change to remove a binder's mark. Unfortunately I have been adding these all over this work, as I have a tendency to record anything I perceive as "original publisher's ink" in case it subsequently proves useful. Would you like me to go back and remove these binder marks, as obviously there are of the order of 26 of them less any I had missed? In fact I have made a few "broad-brush policy" edits regarding this work which I fear may be controversial, and would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations:.

I know I am landing multiple issues on your plate here, so I don't expect magic answers. Any suggestions at all you may care to make will be appreciated if I hear: "Give it up! We're not reproducing the page images, but making the text available.

As a result I delete all binder's marks on sight. And of course I never thought of providing page links. I think, in terms of the integrity of the work, splitting the Illustrations list into two pages is pushing the envelope a bit too far. So, I'm not concerned about your example. Beeswaxcandle talk , 28 March UTC. I'll have a proper look at the illustration pages tomorrow and see if I can tabulate them easily. There is no generic way of flowing text around a shape that is device neutral. The original wikimedia software wasn't designed as a page layout tool, hence the plethora of templates that George complains of.

For Mr. Punch's Book of Sports I set the portrait images at px and the landscapes at px. My eReader is x so I try not to go above The only reason for the "sepia" was that I was learning how to use IrfanView to clean up images, so I'm not too worried there.

I do note though that the caption has disappeared. The effective area for the eReader is x However, having been a desk-top publisher in the past, white space is an important design element and I do like to see some around images as it then feels like there is a context.

In a bad case of being much too clever for myself i. Somehow I appear to have "stretched" the lower three image elements so that they no longer align with the upper set. Graphics do not like me at the best of times; and unless inspiration hits as to what I have done wrong in the next couple of days I might just have to swallow my pride and regenerate the images set for this page.

Beeswaxcandle, I am at my wits end and beg your help. I uploaded it yesterday but I know I don't have things inside "Index" correct. I am exasperated and frustrated with trying and I just feel very depressed now. I would love to edit that book, pages of text and images, if it were only set up proper. Just a thanks for the validation you have done here and there on Treasury of War Poetry. Aside from Coates' works, I think my favorite contribution has been that work.

I would like the entry of Jan H. Hoowij to begin with Jan H. Hoowij and not Jan h. I would like to ask your opinion on a copyright question which came up about the text of the opera Cox and Box: Savoy edition. The original text is itself PD in the US and most other countries, as the librettist died in and the composer in However, the Savoy version was created in What copyright covers the text now?

Londonjackbooks talk , 7 April UTC. That is not in contention. I'd found a possible glitch and was wanting to check if something could be implemented as a fix, only to find that "You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: "Your IP address has been automatically blocked because it was used by another user, who was blocked by Beeswaxcandle. The reason given is:. Note that you may not use the "email this user" feature unless you have a valid email address registered in your user preferences and you have not been blocked from using it.

Your current IP address is. Please include all above details in any queries you make. I would appreciate it if you could contact me about this as soon as possible, because whilst Mediawiki is working as designed, it's a demotivater to get an autoblock, apparently for playing by the rules. I'd rather not break it further, so would appreciate your examination of possible causes. The above page has a construction of your making which I do not entirely understand, and I'd appreciate your comments before I proceed with validating it.

The final lines amount to:. Please enlighten me. On at least two pages of The Warden i. May I have your thoughts, please? Just wondering, though I notice that the indents are now 2 ems, not 1 em. Is there a reason for this? To me it looked like 1 em in the scan.

Re: [2] : It is a separate section of the poem, but if you look at other versions of the poem online, the printing of the first stanza is consistent with the remaining stanzas even though other versions have indentation. Which is why I think there should be no indentation at all in this case even the 1em for the sake of the drop initial. I understand your use of the 1em throughout your validations, but I don't necessarily agree with the practice, although I am not so concerned that I would choose to revert them all—or ask you to.

I am not so bold. I am grateful for the validations. It looks like pages are missing from Index:Natural History, Birds. Dear Beez if I may be so forward , thanks for the prompt greeting after my first foray into editing Wikisource. Newcomer is right—I don't even know how to edit my own talk page to reply to you. Any tips for the newbie?

Many thanks! Re this edit , we have a stack of TOCs already. If none of those are what you need, is it worthwhile converting your needs to a separate template and adding them to the list.

How do you do the equivalent of Mediawiki templates inside Score extension tags. I'm asking because it would be rather useful to be able to have 'templated' setup's for some complex staff setups..? In addition the following verses mention faith and hope only: Jacob , 11; Alma ; ; ; See also Articles of Faith ; 1 Cor.

Responding to critics of the Book of Mormon who see its passages on faith, hope, and charity as having been lifted directly from 1 Cor. Archibald M. Jacob , 6. It is also mentioned in the preface to the book of Jacob. Jill M. Derr, Carol C. Madsen, Kate Holbrook and Matthew J. Bruce C. Smith and Janne M. See also v. Compare 1 Pet. David L. Allen, Hebrews. For example, speaking of errors in the Bible, Joseph Smith specifically contrasted his understanding of the first principles of the Gospel i.

Articles of Faith with a misreading of Heb. Smith, Words , 15 October , See also jst Heb. See Smith, Words , 10 March , , ; ibid. This suggests the idea that the climb should be followed by a descent.

The idea of the double ladder of ascent and descent finds a parallel in Gen. A visual example of the concepts of heavenly ascent followed by descent in the traditions of Second Temple Judaism can be found in the Dura Europos Mural of Ezekiel. See also account of descent followed by ascent described in chapter 1 of the book of Moses.

Kugel, ed. Hindy Najman and Judith H. Newman Atlanta: SBL, , Brant A. Gardner, Second Witness, Gardner, Second Witness , — Ether — Ether , 8, 9, 28, Ether , 34 twice , 35, 36, Ether Gardner, Second Witness , Thanks to Matthew L.

Bowen and John S. Thompson for this suggestion pers. See Terrence L. Kent P. Jackson and Frank F. Judd, Jr. See also Kevin L. Barney, ed. See Allen, Hebrews , , Stephen D. Ricks and Donald W. Calabro elaborates:. John S. See Wilfred C. Smith, Published Revelations , Lectures on Faith , The list in Heb. Monte S. Ordinance room layout adapted by Samuel H. Bradshaw — from a photograph of the original plans in C. On this theme, see Gardner, Second Witness , Note that baptism is the central subject of chapters 6 and 8 of Moroni.

See also 2 Ne. Talmage, House of the Lord , — Moses Talmage, House of the Lord , Faulconer, Life of Holiness , Just as a purchaser pledges eventual full payment by the initial deposit of an earnest money, God gives a first installment of hope to believers through the confirmation of His Spirit, promising that He will provide their full inheritance as sons and daughters of God if they endure to the end. Ether , emphasis added. Cf fn. One is also reminded of the iron rod in the vision of the Tree of Life recorded by Lehi and Nephi 1 Ne.

Further afield, Bowen also notes that late Jewish traditions describe how a rope or gold chain was tied to the ankle of the high priest in case he died in the Holy of Holies e. Levertoff London: The Soncino Press, However, the plausibility of this tradition has been strongly disputed e. See also The Zohar , ed. Daniel C.

Matt Stanford: Stanford University Press , n. See also Marion G. See also Heb. Licensed from Alamy. Isar, Choros , See also Gregory Nazianzen. Homilies on Luke: Fragments on Luke , trans. Joseph T. Attridge, Hebrews , ; cf.

See also Luke T. David M. Geza Vermes, London: Penguin Books, , For a more detailed study of the meaning of this concept in the context of the theology of the Qumran Community and of early Christians, see Crispin H. Moffitt, Atonement , On at least one occasion, the Prophet explicitly cited relevant passages from 2 Peter and Hebrews together Smith, Teachings , 14 May , —; cf.

Smith, Words , 14 May , :. Though [the Saints addressed by Peter 2 Pet. Then they would want that more sure word of prophecy 2 Pet. Then, having this promise sealed unto [us is] an anchor to the soul, sure and steadfast Heb. Though the thunders might roll and lightnings flash, and earthquakes bellow, and war gather thick around, yet this hope and knowledge would support the soul in every hour of trial, trouble, and tribulation.

Then knowledge through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the grand key that unlocks the glories and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven…. Then I would exhort you to go on and continue to call upon God until you make your calling and election sure for yourselves, by obtaining this more sure word of prophecy, and wait patiently for the promise until you obtain it.

Smith, Writings , , spelling and punctuation modernized, emphasis added. See Heb. There is also a hint of such a warning in Ether Robert C. Franklin D. This statement was discovered by Andrew F. Richards A. Ehat, pers. In light of the fact that some Church authorities have spoken against the idea of progression and, implicitly, regression among kingdoms after the resurrection e. See Lisle G. It may be disabled when installing or after installation.

Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. No installation is required. It works on bit and bit Windows. It works only on bit Windows. It works on bit and bit Mac OS. It works only on bit Mac OS. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want!

It may not contain the latest versions. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. Rating Rating from Latest tool updates.

VideoMeld 1. Advanced Codecs Neat Video 5. ProgDVB 7.

Thanks DM, I will read your review! Feb 21st, Same note as left at Scriptorium in case it went unnoticed there We look awesome in this style! Look at cosplay here! It doesn't always like additional scripted buttons. Tkaclk, eds. Facsimile of a Moonstone from the Nauvoo Temple.
Poison - Prodigy* - Видеография (DVD), The Gift Of Faith - Toto - The Gift Of Faith (CD), Gör Din Graj - The Keffat Liv* - Ute På Vift Lp (File, MP3, Album), Harpronnicantrones - Global Goon - -Quonk (File)

8 thoughts on “Live 10/31/13 - Various - INIM Vol. 3 (File)

  1. To-Witter Archives (Tesa) This page is an archive of the English tweets released in the official Twitter accounts in promotion of AI: The Somnium Files and the Lemniscate YouTube series, as well as various other twitter accounts, in which most (if not all) are canon to the universe of AI: The Somnium Files. @Lemniscate_Aset, the account for the net idol A-set, .
  2. Live Dates 3 is a live album from the rock band Wishbone Ash. It was recorded live at le Plan in Ris Orangis, Paris on 22 October Track listing "Come in from the Rain" "Living Proof" "Persephone" "Lifeline" "Wings of Desire" "Errors of my Way" "Leaf and Stream" "Throw Down the Sword" "F.U.B.B." "Phoenix" Personnel. Andy Powell - guitar Producer: Daniel Gautier, Chafi and Andy Powell.
  3. Hidden Object Classic Collection: Vol. 3: 07/12/ Europe Xbox The Serious Sam Collection: 07/12/ North America PlayStation 3: PS3 Best Hit Collection Vol. 1: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception / LittleBigPlanet 2: 07/31/ Korea PlayStation 3: PS3 Best Hit Collection Vol. 2: God of War III / Resistance 3.
  4. The Blueprint 3 is the eleventh studio album by American rapper Jay-Z, released September 8, , on Roc Nation, through distribution from Asylum Records & Atlantic is the third Blueprint album, preceded by The Blueprint () and The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse (). Production for the album took place during to at several recording studios Genre: Hip hop.
  5. Abstract: This chapter argues that “the scriptural triad of faith, hope, and charity should be understood as something more than a general set of personal attributes that must be developed in order for disciples to become like Christ. Instead, as part of the ‘guarded tradition the Apostle’ [Paul] that is transmitted to readers in 1 Corinthians and elsewhere in scripture, these terms .
  6. Res., to author (Nov. 5, , PM) (on file with au thor). 33 Erik Stokstad, Feared Quagga Mussel Turns Up in Western United States, S CI. ().
  7. 49) (Tr. Vol. 3) at ) and admitted that although he had not “receive[d] a copy of the citation,” he had email communications with Tracy regarding the citation on November 14 and 15 and that he acted on Tracy’s advice with regard to actions taken concerning Direct Media Power’s U.S. Bank accounts.

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