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Nigel Ayers has been described as a Guerrilla Sign Ontologist, cutting-up and pasting the contents of the human psyche. With a background in avant-garde art, his work has grown from audio visual installations through underground video works which changed the shape of British television.

The project was initiated in Derbyshire in the late s by Nigel Ayers b. Together with collaborators Danny Ayers b. From early in their work, the group concentrated on the axiom of music being a form of social control, and highlighted concepts such as information overload, cult conditioning, brainwashing and subliminal advertising, in a critique of information society. Their music drew heavily on worldwide folk traditions as well as that of the European avant-garde.

One of their earliest performances was in a railway arch in Atlantic Road, Brixton, while the Brixton riots raged outside. In the early eighties Nocturnal Emissions hit London with a barrage of seminal funk; pioneering the use of sound samplers, multi-cultural collage and electronic noise.

They became a shape shifting chameleon lightening the darkness of post-industrial music, combining extremist performance art and video displays with apocalyptic beat music.

Those expecting three hours of spoken word advice on how to improve their golfing have probably picked up the wrong magazine, so it might not surprise the more astute reader to learn that these discs contain lengthy atmospheric pieces which drift and churn like the best of ambient without quite merging into a single amorphous mass of novocaine for the ears.

The instrumentation, which obviously varies from disc to disc, is ambiguous but largely electronic, with a few well-placed wind instruments, the odd rhythmic loop, and occasional interjections to mildly jolt the listener out of the inevitable mesmeric glow that comes and goes in waves.

I'd be hard pressed to detail how each disc differs from its partners largely due to lack of space and the limitations of language, but differ they do, and on many subtle levels.

I'm fairly certain I can identify the distinctive contributions of each individual up to a point, not that it matters beyond having some vague insight into the overall chemistry at work, and the reassurance that everyone pulls their weight. If I have a personal favourite, it is the Robin Storey and Nigel Ayers set collectively entitled Perfidious Albion , which ends with 'Let Loose The Dogs' , one of the more intense and nervy creations in this microverse.

I've yet to feel truly comfortable about the term 'ambient'. It suggests something which is intended to provide an aural complement to your environment.

Oedipus Brain Foil will actually take over your environment, if you listen for long enough, drawing you into a temporary pocket of reality where even the laws of physics feel unfamiliar and alien, and while no specific threat or comforting relaxant is offered, it alternately calms and disturbs without so much as a single raised voice.

I'm starting to wonder if we shouldn't change the name of the magazine to The Soleilmoon Projector. Here's yet another one from the label, to go with the other reviewed herein. This time it's a collaboration between he of Nocturnal Emissions, Mick Harris of Scorn and John Everall who seems to have been in most bands formed over the last twenty years, but I remember best as one the few writers for the late Music From The Empty Quarter magazine that I could be bothered to read.

Nigel does things to pieces supplied by John and Mick, who in turn do things to some of Nigel's stuff. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this isn't the easiest of music to dance to, beyond doing the Standing Still, and neither could it be described as a relaxing Ambient drone.

Although nothing overt or sudden leaps out from the vast fields of reverb, it's too dark to be comforting. If I might digress briefly, I once had the pleasure of knowing Tommy Docherty. Not the football bloke, but a less famous namesake who dabbled in making weird music on cassette. His finest moment was an eight or nine minute track called 'Words Cannot Describe' , recorded with hopelessly humble equipment and somehow utilising sounds echoing along the interior of an enormous aluminium pipeline he'd found somewhere.

The eerie sustained roar he'd produced bypassed the limitations of his recording equipment, and resulted in one of the few pieces of music I've heard which I was genuinely unable to play with the lights off, unless overcome with some perverse desire to shit myself.

Although I'm older now and less inclined to be spooked by such things, there are parts of Mesmeric Enabling Device which strongly remind me of Tommy Docherty's masterpiece, certainly in terms of power and tonality. Mind you, it isn't all variations on a slab, as the above might suggest. Among the cavernous expanses we find a few elements of the unexpected.

There's some distant tinkly melody on the second of the seven untitled tracks, which actually rather detracts from the general atmosphere. Later on we get random heartbeats and a rhythm that suggests someone's typewriter has got sick of all those words and is auditioning for the office supplies Junglist posse. It's a rhythm, but not really a beat.

Location: Michigan. Brighter Death Now - The Slaughterhouse. Scope J , Sep 12, Location: Ottawa, Canada. CDC , Sep 12, Philip Glass: koyaanisqatsi. Location: Cary, NC. Many others I do not agree with, for example: Tubular Bells???? Regards, Trevor. Location: e. It's got lots of heavy, dark organ and the vocals are not your normal sounds. A beautiful one time studio experience I guess since nothing like it was ever released later.

Liked Danny Briottet's later stuff as well. Durutti Column's album Vini Reilly could probably still get released today. Odd little Japanese avant garde record. That's six exciting words. Probably not in my top ten, but Sore Throat's "Disgrace To The Corpse of Sid" surely the takes the prize for the best album title and cough value for money with tracks in under 45 minutes. I fucking loved this album.

Played the tape to death. Had all the singles on vinyl. Still love it now. Yet it didn't make my ten. Good year Warnings- Unprotected sex, bit of struggle for dominance, some exhibitionism if you squint, your general warning that this is smut so…. Summary- Gang-tae can only let go in his dreams. Set the morning after the drunken night Gang-tae gave Mun-yeong Mang-tae.

This is completely unedited because I wanted to get it posted. Keep reading. They are adults.

New Posts What's new Latest activity. The textures are good and well-stewed, being evocative of imagery other than a spotty herbert with his finger glued to the gain button of a digital reverb. Three collaborative CDs, each featuring a different combination of two of those named above. The music is entirely different yet still retains that quality of being created somewhere outside of conscious human involvement. Here's yet another one from the label, to go with the other reviewed herein. Those forlornly echoing loops and treated samples could only have been crafted by men who Album) how it feels when your wife runs off with a carny roustabout, the dog takes sick, Album), and you find a family of possums has taken up residence in your truck and eaten all the electrics clean away. Top 3 pick themselves, and have a fight to the death over who actually gets Album). Nigel Ayers has continued to work with a strong underground of cult support, avoiding music industry fashions, and following his own creative path he concentrated on creating a strong sense of a wilderness identity through sound.
Count! - Old Baby (2) - Vagical Blistery Whore (CDr, Album), Strip Number - Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak (2), Frank Sinatra - Pal Joey (Cassette, Album), Shepheards Holyday/ Upon A Summers Day/ Chesier Rounds/ Barham Down/ Shropshire Round - The York Wai, Word Down - Lupo (2) - Tiemedownandshagmesenseless EP (Vinyl), John Surman - Private City (CD, Album)

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  1. Jun 01,  · Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Nocturnal Emissions - Invocation Of The Beast Gods at Discogs. Complete your Nocturnal Emissions collection/5(38).
  2. This album features tracks which are elctronic evocations of the sounds of various animals (dolphins, cicada, etc.) very repetitive and almost "trancey" (though I mean that in the best possible way). Pretty different from the other stuff by Nocturnal Emissions that I have heard (except maybe that album of baby sounds).5/5(1).
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  4. Nocturnal Emissions discography CD releases. NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS Discography. INVOCATION OF THE BEAST GODS INVOCATIO BESTIAE DEI. Bestiae Clamor Caeli Piscis Fons Pulveris Fossa Parva Anguilla Talpa Cicada Parvum Miraculum Delphintintinnabulum Lenis Tinnitus Ferocitas. Reviews.
  5. Nocturnal Emissions Invocation Of The Beast Gods Staaltape, STCD () Not being able to read Latin, I am unable to make sense of the sleeve notes to Invocation of the Beast Gods, or Invocatio Bestiae Dei as it is alternately titled. Being sort of familiar with Nocturnal Emissions' back catalogue. and the esoteric ways in which the mind of.
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