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However, upon playing the Seal, Timeaus automatically leaves Yami's side of the field, as it doesn't co-operate with the Orichalcos. The energies from the Orichalcos corrupt Yami, who begins Tributing his own monsters with the effect of " Catapult Turtle " in a reckless attempt to damage Rafael's Life Points and win, despite Yugi's objections.

Rafael uses Yami's strategy against him when he Summons " Guardian Eatos ", whose ATK increases according to the amount of monsters in the opponent's Graveyard, and defeats Yami. The Pharaoh, horrified at what his actions has caused since falling prey to his own inner fury.

Yami falls into depression and guilt over what he let happen to Yugi. When Weevil tricks Yami into thinking he's permanently lost Yugi's soul, Yami goes berserk and recklessly attacks him by using the combo " Breaker the Magical Warrior " with " Berserker Soul ", continuing even after Weevil's Life Points reach 0. Yami giving his card, The Eye of Timaeus to Ironheart. Ashamed of himself, Yami lets Ironheart hold onto his "Timaeus" card.

Ironheart leads Yami to a place of lost souls, where, after confronting several evil spirits of Duelists he has faced most of them originated in the Duelist Kingdom arc of this series , he finds Yugi's spirit. Yugi convinces Yami to engage him in a Duel, stating that this is the only way that Yami can prove he's sorry for his recent misdeeds.

Yami tries to reason with him, but Yugi refuses to listen, declaring that Yami never cared about anyone else's lives that he has brought this upon himself. Yugi uses monster sacrifices to get through to Yami's doubts, but Yami prevails by using a trap card, " Divine Wind ", to counter this strategy. Defeating Yugi, Yami is told by his partner that he had overcome his mistakes and, in doing so, defeated the darkness in his heart and eliminating the influence of the Orichalcos that corrupted him, meaning that Yugi planned this all along and was never under the influence of the evil card.

Yami seeing a vision of the past showcasing the war between duel monsters and the Great Leviathan. Yami is unable to defeat the Soldier's " Orichalcos Gigas " without "Timaeus", so Ironheart, Chris and Skye sacrifice their own lives as they return the card to Yami, imploring him to save this world. With the darkness within Yami's heart erased, he summons "Timaeus", fuses his dragon with " Dark Magician Girl " to Summon her evolved " Dragon Knight " form, and uses it to defeat the Soldier.

Yami and Kaiba engaging Dartz and the Great Leviathan for the first time. Kaiba takes them back to Domino City, which has become overrun with Orichalcos Soldiers. After Joey beats Valon, he loses his own soul in a Duel with Mai. On that note, Mai, who realized she made a mistake leaving Joey for "a madman who promised me power" according to her , and who was filled with rage over losing Joey as he was "the only one who ever cared about" her , challenges Rafael in a Duel to avenge Joey believing that Joey would've done the same thing for her if their roles had been reversed , but she is defeated and loses her soul.

Yami makes his way to Duel Rafael, who tosses him Joey's " Hermos " card. Equipping his new Guardian with his " Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe " card, Rafael defies his own practice of letting his own monsters go to the Graveyard in a vengeful attempt to defeat Yami, stating that he hates him more than the thought of having monsters in his Graveyard. However, after Yami Summons "Eatos" back to the field under his control and equips her with " Goddess Bow ", he destroys Rafael's "Dreadscythe", ultimately managing to free him from Dartz's influence.

To end the Duel, Rafael plays " Soul Charge " to revive his monsters, but depletes his Life Points and loses on purpose. However, since Rafael overcame the darkness in his heart, there was nothing to power the Seal, thus allowing him to keep his soul.

Afterwards, Yami continued the Duel and activated the seemingly useless card that Pegasus created back at Industrial Illusions to battle Dartz and the Paradius Corporation—" Legend of Heart ", which allowed Timaeus, Critias , and Hermos to assume their human forms as the Legendary Knights. Sending them into battle against Dartz' "Orichalcos Shunoros" and later, his strong " Divine Serpent Geh ", Yami was able to seek out his victory—but not before the Leviathan seemed to swallow Dartz whole.

Upon Dartz's defeat, the Legendary Knights returned Yugi's soul. The final episodes of this arc brought Yami into battle with Dartz, who seemed to have merged with the Leviathan. He calls forth his monsters, as well as the Legendary Knights, to battle the Great Beast.

However, the Leviathan is too strong, despite his best efforts, and absorbs Yugi into its own body. Yugi convinced all the boys and men imprisoned inside the Leviathan whose dark feelings fueled the Leviathan's power to remember all the good things in their lives.

In turn, the Egyptian Gods, whose souls were offered by Dartz as a tribute to accelerate the Leviathan's awakening—were released, and Yami left Yugi's body to join them in the battle. Through the power of the light of every boy and man from all over the world imprisoned inside the Leviathan fueling the Gods, Yami was able to defeat the Leviathan, and Dartz was restored to his human form.

However, the Leviathan's essence still existed, and Yami knew that the only way to defeat the Great Beast was to face his own evil and step into its darkness. Using the power of his light, Yami's spirit was able to destroy the Leviathan. With the Beast permanently eliminated, Dartz seemed to act differently, as it was revealed in a flashback during the Tag-Team Duel with him that he had also fallen under the control of the Orichalcos.

With the threat of the Orichalcos now behind them, Yugi and his friends were prepared to head back to Domino in Japan—but no one had any airfare for the trip back home. Seto Kaiba offered to take them back home, on one condition: Paradius' interference in KaibaCorp had all but ruined the latter's credibility, so Kaiba would be planning the ultimate tournament, the KC-1 Grand Prix Championship , to restore his company's reputation, and he wanted the rest of the group to attend.

The winner of the tournament would face Yugi Muto in an attempt to claim his title as the world Duel Monsters champion. On the opening day, while Yugi and his friends are watching a Duel between Rick and the KC DuelTek , a hacker traps all the Duelists and spectators inside the makeshift electronic stadium.

The CPU opponent level has been altered to its highest of difficulty, and the only way for everyone to escape is to defeat the CPU in a Duel. Yugi transforms into Yami and takes over, using " Heart of the Underdog "—a card Yugi had given Rick—and combined it with the effects of " Spirit Ryu " to win and free everyone.

Yugi didn't Duel much in this season. He cheered for Joey and Rebecca throughout the tournament. When Yugi wakes up one night, due to being disturbed by the theft of Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor, and meets Yami Bakura , Yami talks to Bakura, and parts ways for the day. The next day, when they arrive in Egypt after a long journey, they meet up with Marik, Odion, and Ishizu, who asks to speak to the Pharaoh. They take a journey to the place where the Tablet of the Pharaoh was sealed, and once there, the Pharaoh holds the Egyptian God Cards up for it to see.

They all get blinded by a light, which sucks the Pharaoh out of Yugi's body and the Puzzle, and gets transported to a table, and playing the Dark RPG with Bakura with his main piece as his past life, while a part of him travels back to the world of his past life as Pharaoh. There, a part of him undergoes the events that happened recently before he died. The day Yami becomes king, Thief King Bakura , possessed by Yami Bakura his future self , attacks the palace, filling the Pharaoh's head with lies that his father, Aknamkanon , was the one who created the Millennium Items.

The priests are in shock, as well as Bakura, while Yami unleashes his power, making Bakura flee to recover from battle. The next day, Mahad battles the Thief King inside a tomb. While Yami and his childhood friend Mana, fight Bakura's army outside, Mahad joins together with his monster inside to defeat Bakura. Unfortunately, he escapes with the Millennium Ring, and Mahad is sealed inside a stone tablet, and he becomes the Dark Magician.

Soon after that, they face tragedy yet again as Bakura attacks Aknadin inside the monster temple, trying to steal his Millennium Item. In lieu of killing him, Bakura puts a spell on the old priest, and escapes.

The Pharaoh gives chase into the village, Summoning Slifer as he does so. Later, after a long battle, Slifer is wiped out, leaving the Pharaoh with nothing more than a few breaths. Yugi steps in, with the other three of his friends, and give Yami more strength, allowing him to Summon the Winged Dragon of Ra. Slifer is knocked out once again, and this time, the Pharaoh decided to combat Bakura himself. Diabound tears apart the cliff supporting Yami, and after Bakura takes the puzzle, he stomps on the cliff hard enough to knock off the slab that held Yami up.

The pharaoh survives and meets Hasan. He then reunites with his present-day friends, but Yami leaves soon after with Mana to go to Kul Elna, where Bakura lives.

Bakura and the royal court battle, with Diabound being destroyed by the spirit of Mahad, the Dark Magician, Yami Bakura leaves Thief King Bakura's body and reducing him to sand. However, when Zorc attacks, Yami Yugi at the RPG table uses a master item, Hasan , and protects them from the attack, and redirected it to Bakura's hourglass token, and time wasn't frozen anymore. However he transforms Aknadin into the Shadow Magus. He later kidnaps Seto, revealing that he's his son. The Pharaoh follows him.

However, he finds out that the Shadow Magus had killed Kisara, and that he had also entered Seto's mind, and forces him to battle the Pharaoh. Seto Kaiba had watched the whole time, and says that he didn't know how he entered the Memory World.

Yami and Seto then head out for battling Zorc. Yami and the Priests are taken out one by one as they battle the evil lord Zorc Necrophades , a hulking beast with a head for a stomach.

Through much traversing, and after getting back the Millennium Items, Shimon also helps by Summoning Exodia, but is also taken out later. Yami Summons the Egyptian Gods, thinking it will be enough. The sun starts to reveal itself once more, but Zorc arises again, blacking out the sun of Egypt.

He crushes the Egyptian Gods, causing Yami to pass out from the pain it causes him, and from fatigue. Even that fails as Zorc still stands strong. At the RPG table, Yami Bakura reveals he is partly Zorc, and they both leave the table, enters the game, and merges with their past selves, with Yami merging with the Pharaoh, and Bakura merging with Zorc. The only way to win was to tell the Pharaoh his name, but there was one problem. Yugi confesses that his name was carved in hieroglyphics that they couldn't read.

Kaiba assists in defending them, and finally, Yami's name appears, allowing him to figure out who he is. He says his name to the skies, "Atem! He merges them into the Creator of Light, Horakthy, and destroys Zorc. Later, after the sun returns, as Atem vanishes, he relinquishes his position as Pharaoh to his cousin, Seto.

They journey back into the real world, having the good Bakura back and the evil Bakura destroyed with Zorc. They embark on their final journey, which will decide Atem's fate-whether he should stay in the present for another 3, 5, in the dub , or move on to the spirit world. With the seven Millennium Items , three Egyptian God Cards , Zorc Necrophades defeated, and his past learned that including his true name , the pharaoh can depart the mortal world, and join his faithful priests in the afterlife.

In order to open the doorway to the afterlife, Yami must be defeated in a Duel, known as the Ceremonial Battle. Yami and his friends follow the Egyptian belief that a pharaoh must depart via a boat. Joey and Kaiba both volunteer to face Yami in the battle, but Yugi insists that he shall battle Yami. Kaiba was skeptical of this, since he thought that Yugi would just be Dueling himself.

He even grabbed Yugi by the throat and started yelling at him in a dramatic act of anger, but eventually stopped upon Yugi's determination.

Yami leaves Yugi to think in private, as he constructs a Deck for the battle. Yugi does the same for Yami. Yami quickly Summons the Egyptian Gods. As the Duel continued, Yami's will was so strong and powerful he had actually influenced fate itself to draw exactly the card he needed at the right time.

Despite Yami's best efforts, Yugi destroys his most faithful cards that Yami Summons. Yami tries to end the Duel, by reviving " Slifer the Sky Dragon " with " Monster Reborn ", but Yugi predicted the move earlier and revealed the card he hid within " Gold Sarcophagus " was also "Monster Reborn", negating its effect. Yami ends his turn, ready to admit defeat. Yugi hesitates to make his last attack, as he does not want Yami to leave.

Yugi weeps and orders " Silent Magician " to attack Yami, winning the Duel. Groove On! Euge Groove. Darden Smith. The Definitive Anthology. Dan Fogelberg. The Beautiful Lowdown. Curtis Salgado. Summer Madness. Richard Elliot. Still Euge. Second Nature. More Serious Business. Bongos, Percussion. Black Cat. You Gotta Love the Life. Melissa Manchester. Toto XIV. The Other Side of Desire. Rickie Lee Jones. The Studio Albums Step It Up. On Purpose. Love Songs: The Collection. Live at Radio City Music Hall.

Joe Bonamassa. Forever Man. Eric Clapton. A Gift of Love. Bette Midler. Ed Sheeran. The Voyager. Jenny Lewis. Alice Cooper. Percussion, Tambourine. The WB Years Gary Wright. The Studio Album Collection Red Hot Chili Peppers. That Girl. Jennifer Nettles. Tell 'Em I'm Gone.

Neil Young. Soul Appeal. Rock Ballads: The Collection. Renewing Disguises. Jimmy Earl. Featured Artist, Percussion. Al Jarreau. Lip Service. Dan Siegel. Jimmy Barnes. Got 2 Be Groovin'. George Duke Collection. George Duke. Judith Owen. Different Shades of Blue. Be Here Then. Stephen Bishop. Another Long Night Out. Brian Culbertson. Steve Lukather. To Be Loved. The Beat. Summer Horns. Dave Koz.

Robert Palmer. Shiver and Sigh. Kara Grainger. Randy Crawford. Percussion, Rhythm Section. Joey Negro. Wet Willie. Magpie and the Dandelion. The Avett Brothers. Human Nature. The Jeff Lorber Fusion. Greatest Hits. Beautiful Pain. Keaton Simons. All Hell Breaks Loose. Black Star Riders. Michael Bolton. A Time for Love. Jeffrey Osborne. Eric Burdon. Then Again: The Anthology. The Dream Michael Franks. The Carpenter. Soul Shot.

Smooth Jazz Hits: Ultimate Grooves. Smooth Jazz Hits: For Lovers. Road to Forever. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Kids in the Street. The All-American Rejects. House of Groove. Hall of Fame. Pet Shop Boys. John Mayer. Bang Bang Boom Boom. Beth Hart. After Hours. Glenn Frey. Bongos, Congas, Percussion. A Joyful Noise. Terry Wollman. Clappers, Featured Artist, Percussion, Vocals. You Got Me Moving. Pat Benatar. The Gate. Kurt Elling. The Complete Studio Albums Collection. Leonard Cohen.

Featured Artist. The Complete Columbia Albums Collection. Wayne Shorter. Smooth Jazz 1 Hits. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. In the Zone. In Your Dreams. I'm with You. Guitar Man. George Benson. Follow Your Heart. Cubic Zirconia. Tiziano Ferro. A Very Special Christmas, Vols.

The Singer Songwriter Collection. Amy Grant. The People. Rey Fresco. Kirk Whalum. The Breakout Years. Papa Roach. South Beach. Brian Simpson. Rob Thomas. Original Album Series. Now Is the Time.

My Worlds Acoustic. Justin Bieber. Hollywood: The Deluxe EP. Hello Tomorrow. Percussion, Washboard. Hands All Over. Maroon 5. Emotion: Anthology. DFX 2. Percussion, Shaker. Collector's Pack. Conga Drum, Percussion. Born Free. All's Well That Ends Well. What Love Can Do. The Jackson 5. The Wind Blows [Remixes]. The Very Best of Jeff Kashiwa. Jeff Kashiwa. The Soundstage Sessions. Vonda Shepard. Sunday Morning. Rod Stewart. Smooth Jazz Number Ones [Concord].

Smooth Jazz Hits. Send One Your Love. Potato Hole. Booker T. Pick of the Litter Was Not Was. Phrazes for the Young. Julian Casablancas. Percussion, Shaker, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine. Philippe Saisse. Primary Artist. Music for Men.

Boyz II Men. I and Love and You. Hard Believer. Tommy Castro. Give Up the Ghost. Brandi Carlile. Foreign Xchange. Follow the Sun. Craig Chaquico. First Love. Everette Harp. Average White Band. Dolly Parton. Doin' the D. Alexander Zonjic. Crazy Love. Blind for Love. Ana Popovic. Better Days. Marcin Nowakowski.

A Gozar! Guiro, Percussion. World's Best Dad Gift Set. When the World Comes Down. When You Know. Dianne Reeves. Up Front. Michael Manson. David T. Roy Orbison. The Dream of the Electric Guitars, Vol. The Cross of My Calling. The International Noise Conspiracy. The Collection. Tambourine, Percussion. The Ultimate Collection. Simple Times. Joshua Radin. Self Portrait. Lalah Hathaway. Sax for Stax. Gerald Albright. Safe Trip Home. Right on Time.

Original Album Classics. Main Personnel. Love the Woman. How About Now. Kenny Loggins. Hancock [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]. John Powell. Main Personnel, Percussion, Hand Percussion. Greatest Hits [Steel Box Collection]. Gavin DeGraw. Ever Changing Times. Dukey Treats. Christmas Favorites. The Rockettes. Aaron Neville. Main Personnel, Tambourine, Percussion, Udu. Bringing Back the Funk. Main Personnel, Percussion, Performer. Additional Personnel, Percussion.

Better Songs of Tamio Okuda. World's Best Dad []. We Are Family. Under the Blacklight. Rilo Kiley. Ultimate Kirk Whalum. Ultimate George Duke. The Very Best of Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger. The Shiloh Records Anthology. In it was a stage setup that featured Carr's drum kit as a giant metallic tank with an exploding turret. Flames and explosions were also in abundance, as Kiss attempted to produce a video that reflected the music on Creatures of the Night.

Frehley did appear in the video as the rhythm guitarist, with Stanley shown playing the seven-note solo. Though Kiss had used "ghost players" on previous albums, most notably Bob Kulick Alive II and Killers and Dick Wagner Destroyer , Vinnie Vincent handled most of the lead guitar as a session player and co-writer before being added as the full-time replacement for Frehley, though as an employee and not a full member like Carr.

Blues guitarist Robben Ford , a friend of the album's producer Michael James Jackson, contributed two solos in what he described as one of his weirdest gigs. Mister guitarist Steve Farris who was considered as a replacement for Frehley but was thought to not have "the right look" provided the solo and lead fills to the title track. Co-writer Adam Mitchell also contributed guitar work to the title track.

Though often given credit for playing the solos on "Keep Me Comin" and "Danger", Bob Kulick admitted in a interview that none of the studio work he did on Creatures of the Night made it to the album [7] , this confirmed the same from an earlier Mitchell interview.

Ace Frehley's Origins, Vol. Three official variations on the album artwork exist: the original issue, the reissue featuring Bruce Kulick, who was not a member of the band for Creatures of the Night , and the rest of the band without make-up , and the remastered version same photo as the original, but with minor variations in the logo and lettering.

On the non-make-up release, the song "Creatures of the Night" is remixed, and "Saint and Sinner" and "Killer" are interchanged from side to side with each other. The bootlegged Vinnie Vincent cover has not been released on CD, but an extra rare Vincent cover has been called "Hiding from Tomorrow". There is also a bootlegged LP which shows up on eBay from time to time and claims to be a Brazilian promo version with Vincent in make-up airbrushed over Frehley.

Despite positive reviews, the album did not return the band to the commercial success they had held five years previous, and despite charting higher than The Elder 45 compared to The Elder' s 75 , Creatures of the Night would not attain gold status until The supporting album tour began shortly after Christmas and spanned the first five months of , with the band's itinerary focused almost entirely on North America, with three concerts being played in Brazil, in an attempt to rebuild their diminished US fanbase.

However, the Creatures Tour proved to be a bigger failure than the last North American tour in Kiss played to numerous half-empty arenas on the tour, including venues that the band had sold out or at least played to near-full capacity four years earlier on the Dynasty Tour and shows canceled due to insufficient ticket sales.

Despite this, the favourable fan perception of the album has ensured that "War Machine", "I Love It Loud", and "Creatures of the Night" remain Kiss concert staples to this day. Singles — Billboard United States [24]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Kiss album. For other uses, see Creature of the night disambiguation. The re-release cover pictures then-new lead guitarist Bruce Kulick bottom right. Casablanca Records.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Styles Arena Rock Hard Rock. Track Listing - Disc 1. Lick It Up. Detroit Rock City. Richard Kendrick.

I Love It Loud. Vinnie Vincent. Peter Criss. Rose Reiter. Shout It out Loud. Heaven's on Fire. The Oath. Mind's Eye. Shock Me. Ace Frehley. Kiss Alive! Tears Are Falling. Paul Stanley.

I Stole Your Love. Let's Put the X in Sex.

ByKiss's popularity in the US had plummeted due to changing music tastes and their near abandonment of hard rock. Soon, Yami's only hope is "Slifer", and he plays the god card for the first time. Marcin Nowakowski. Kiss T-shirt. But 24 years later, it feels different. Whatever Kiss did, they did it right, including the things they did wrong. However, since Rafael overcame the darkness in his heart, there was nothing to power the Seal, thus allowing him to keep his soul. Les Incontournables. Side 3 lasts for fucking ever.
Are You Passionate? - Various - The Lobotomi Sessions Part One - The Fellowship Of The Rock (CD), Various - Pf 1997 (CD), Picture Perfect (Remix), CMon Everybody - T. Brothers - Rockers Reggae (Vinyl, LP), Love Em And Leave Em - Kiss - Rock And Roll Over (Cassette, Album)

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  1. CD 1: Lick It Up A Millennium Tribute To Kiss – Ron Keel / Richard Kendrick: Lick It Up: – The Slashtones* Ftring. Harry Slash, Arno Hetch, Tony Moore (9), Steve "Budgie" Werner*, Felix Hanemann, and Joe Lynn Turner: Detroit Rock City: – Richard Kendrick: Forever: /5(2).
  2. LICK IT UP A Millennium Tribute To Kiss Released: April 1, Produced by: various producers Executive Producer: Jake Brown Time CD 1: Time CD 2: (bonus CD-1) Time CD 3: (bonus CD-2).
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Lick It Up: A Millenium Tribute to Kiss - Various Artists on AllMusic -
  4. The Lick it Up World Tour was a concert tour by American hard rock band Kiss, in support of their album Lick It was the first Kiss tour during which the band performed without wearing their trademark make-up. The "tank" stage design from the preceding Creatures of the Night tour was used again, keeping all the same gimmicks, with the exception of Gene Simmons' cafpianewsfirase.ardhawroezaptualcfacasmossransvanlinu.coated album: Lick It Up.
  5. KISS, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, is one of rock's 'biggest selling acts,' but is perhaps known more for maintaining the genre's most rabid fan base over the course of their almost 40 year history. 'Lick It Up: A Millennium Tribute to Kiss' is the first all-star KISS tribute of the millennium, and featuring current/former members of Skid Row, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper Band, White Lion.
  6. They covered it a third time on June 26, , in Rome, during their tour, with Cameron once again on vocals. Bathory did a cover version, released on the tribute album A Tribute to the Creatures of the Night and re-released on the compilation In Memory of Quorthon. Taking Dawn did a cover for their debut album, Time to Burn.
  7. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (also known as Attack of the Phantoms in Europe and Kiss Phantoms in Italy) is a made-for-television musical-fantasy film starring American hard rock band Kiss and produced by the animation studio of Hanna-Barbera Productions. The film's plot revolves around Kiss, who use their superpowers to battle an evil inventor (Abner Devereaux, played by .
  8. George Peter John Criscuola (born December 20, ), better known by his stage name Peter Criss, is a retired American musician and actor, best known as a co-founder, original drummer, and vocalist of the hard rock band established the Catman character for his Kiss persona. Criss possesses a powerful, raspy voice. In , he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a.

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