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Fri, May 14, Show PM. Tue, Jun 22, Show PM. View All Events. Rescheduled Events. Goldenvoice Presents. The Flaming Lips. Achievement Hunter Live. Concerts West Presents. Goldenvoice Present. Chicano Batman. Mystery Packs. Record Label. Song Title. IP Local. View other music on the same record label. Song Titles. Song Name. Rot And Decay. Nowhere To Go. Urban Warfield. Endless Slaughter. The bodies were used to yield glycerin, oils as well as rendered fats. Even the bones of the dead soldiers, said the story, were powdered and fed to the pigs.

After a few months, another round of information about the story mentioned above rose up. Additionally, more gory details came up. Supposedly eyewitness accounts recounted how the dead bodies were placed in boiling cauldrons until they were reduced to their most basic components. The Germans tried to counter the stories by saying they were untrue. But the British government remained mum about them when questioned. It was that year that the government issued an official statement saying there was no basis for the rumors, thus, they were untrue.

These men were described as ghoulish in appearance and behaved diabolically. According to the myths, these wild deserters came from the various armies who participated in the conflict — Australians, French, Germans, Austrians, British and Canadian, Italian — though it was quite odd that none came from the American troops. They only came out at night raiding corpses for clothing, rations and weapons. They fought among themselves, and it was said that the occasional gunfire heard across the battlefields at night were from these feral-behaving band.

And one of the myths that came out during the Second World War was about the night terror plane named Pippo. The stories about Pippo were prevalent among Italian households. Most of the songs on Paranoid evolved during onstage improvisational jams.

In the Classic Albums documentary on the making of Paranoid , guitarist Tony Iommi recalls that "War Pigs" came from "one of the clubs" with Butler adding, "During the song "Warning" we used to jam that out and that particular night when we were jamming it out Tony just went da-dum!

It looks like a fridge with a knob on. The album's opening track "War Pigs" was originally intended to be called "Walpurgis". That's who the real Satanists are, all these people who are running the banks and the world and trying to get the working class to fight the wars for them. We sent it off to the record company and they said, 'No, we're not going to call it that. Too Satanic! Then we changed it to 'War Pigs', and Geezer came up with these heavy duty lyrics about death and destruction.

No wonder we never got any chicks at our gigs. Geezer just wasn't interested in your average 'I love you' pop song Geezer also liked to put a lot of topical stuff, like Vietnam references, into our songs. He had his ear to the ground, Geezer did. The song "Iron Man" was originally entitled "Iron Bloke". Upon hearing Iommi play the main guitar riff for the first time, Osbourne remarked in awe that it sounded "like a big iron bloke walking around".

The title was later changed to "Iron Man" as bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler composed the lyrics. Tony Iommi turned out to be one of the greatest heavy rock riff-makers of all time. Whenever we went into the studio we'd challenge him to beat his last riff — and he'd come up with something like 'Iron Man' and blow everyone away.

In the process of returning to the present, he is turned into steel by a magnetic field. His attempts to warn the populace are ignored and mocked. This causes Iron Man to become angry and vengeful, causing the destruction seen in his vision. In The Last Supper concert film, Iommi remembers that at the time with most bands "it was all the 'flowers in your hair' and we wanted to sing and play about the other side of life.

My father worked nights, my mother worked days, we had no money, we never had a car, we very rarely went on holiday And suddenly, you know, we hear about 'If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower in your hair'. And we're thinking, contemptuously 'What the fuck is San Francisco?

Where is this? What's all this flower shit? I've got no shoes on my feet. Bob Dylan had long since faded from the present memory and there was nobody talkin' about the things that I wanted to talk about — political stuff — so that's what inspired me. In , Butler told Mojo magazine that the song "Paranoid" was "about depression, because I didn't really know the difference between depression and paranoia.

It's a drug thing; when you're smoking a joint you get totally paranoid about people, you can't relate to people. There's that crossover between the paranoia you get when you're smoking dope and the depression afterwards. I'd cut my arms, stick pins through my fingers, that kind of thing. I used to get really depressed and it was the only thing that could bring me out of it.

If Sabbath hadn't made it, I'd have been long dead. I'd have killed myself. They were our favorite band by that time. Iommi admitted that the band had doubts about the mellow number, telling Classic Albums , "It was almost one of those 'Should we do this? So it was about floating through the universe with your loved one, instead of 'Let's go down to the pub and have some chips', or whatever Just taking a spaceship out into the stars and having the ultimate romantic weekend.

I said 'I think that's the breakthrough album. Select "Album e Compilation" under "Sezione". I know nobody in the merchandizing side of all of this gives a rat's ass, but credibility and consumer confidence are extremely difficult to try to regain once you've lost 'em, which LP) most certainly have. There are also a number of restaurants located near the venue. We will occasionally offer pre-sales to our mailing list members. Blurred Yellow Line New Releases. Please log in here. My order went through, cc has been charged.
Erstes - Various - Freiton Vol. 2 (CD), Distributed Being - Brian Eno - Nerve Net (CD, Album), Nederlands Wind Ensemble*, Stephen Mosko / Adams* / Lang* - Works For Wind Ensemble (CD, Album), Various - Volume 5. Top Selections From 1962-1963 (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Label: La Vida Es Un Mus - MUS33 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk Government Warning - Paranoid Mess (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore/5(15).
  2. Paranoid Mess LP by Government Warning, released 03 February 1. Rot And Decay 2. Nowhere To Go 3. Urban Warfield 4. Endless Slaughter 5. Stop Again 6. Revolving Door 7. Blurred Yellow Line 8. Disengage 9. Hour After Hour Glued Factory Line Shot Full Of Holes / Global Warning Enough Is Enough MUS33 GOVERNMENT WARNING – Paranoid Mess LP GOVERNMENT WARNING .
  3. Richmond, VA’s one and only GOVERNMENT WARNING are at it again. Following ’s “No Moderation” LP and ’s “Arrested” EP comes their highly anticipated second full length; PARANOID MESS delivers fifteen more unrelenting tracks full of snotty hardcore attitude that musically lies somewhere between ZERO BOYS, VERBAL ABUSE, FU’s or ADOLESCENTS.
  4. I believe Gov't Warning is hard and fast enough to please most thrash metallers even though they are a punk band. Paranoid Mess contains 15 tracks on Grave Mistake Records/No Way Records, for fans of Wasted Time, F.U's, Heresy (UK), Ripcord and old Suicidal Tendencies.4/5(1).
  5. Richmond, VA's one and only Government Warning are at it again. Following 's "No Moderation" LP and 's "Arrested" EP comes their highly anticipated second full length; "Paranoid Mess" delivers fifteen more unrelenting tracks full of snotty hardcore attitude that musically lies somewhere between Zero Boys, Verbal Abuse, FUs or Adolescents.
  6. Richmond, VA's one and only GOVERNMENT WARNING are at it again. Following 's "No Moderation" LP and 's ñArrestedî EP comes their highly anticipated second full length; PARANOID MESS delivers fifteen more unrelenting tracks full of snotty hardcore attitude that musically lies somewhere between ZERO BOYS, VERBAL ABUSE, FUÍs or ADOLESCENTS.

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