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Inspired by the dark history of the persecution of witches, these evocative experimental pieces are perfect for the spooky season. Mirage by Chihei Hatakeyama. Majestic reflections on the relationship between sound and architecture from this masterful ambient artist.

Grace by Chihei Hatakeyama. Delicate, natural-feeling ambient work for electric guitar, piano and field recording by this storied Japanese experimental artist. Rich, warm, soothing ambient music from the Japanese label White Paddy Mountain perfect for drifting to sleep, or starting the day.

Glitchy pieces get glued together to create a humming minimalist soundscape. Spacious ambient with granular detail, a dreamy and absorbing new EP from the artist also known as Auxx.

Kemri by Satomimagae. Explore music. Drum And Bass. UK Garage. DJ equipment. Vinyl DJ accessories. Digital DJ accessories. DJ lighting. DJ spare parts. Computer accessories. Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:.

Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 74 of 74 on page 1 of 1. People also bought Leef Met Plezier! Love Circle. Dawn Is Mine 12". On the new EP we are treated to seven tracks of deep and understated beauty.

Amongst many floating ambient journeys, there are moments equally suited to reflection as they are the dancefloor. Take for instance the glacial and cavernous dub of the title track, or the Balearic-tinged downbeat chill of 'Myst' and the emotive mood music of 'Show Me'. All in all, Korteweg's new release explores the more abstract sides of electronic music in sophisticated fashion. Streetlife: Remixes Part 2 10".

Italic Germany. Late Night Tales. Carefully balancing between contemporary odysseys "Jomsvikingarimur" , dense futuristic electronic weaves "Last Remnants" , fuzzy 22nd century pop "A Noise" sludgy cosmic funk "Jasmine" and introspective soul "Our Love Comes Back" , Olafur blows wave after woozy wave of soft sonic conjurations in a way that's broad, detailed and cleverly considered.

Good night. Club Meduse gatefold 2xLP. Club Meduse, his first compilation for Spacetalk a label with a track record for producing these kinds of killer, crate-digging comps , is loosely designed as the soundtrack to life around a mythical IE imaginary Cote D'Azure resort. Musically, it gathers together the kind of hazy, soft-focus and life-affirming cuts that you would have heard at resort discos in the mid-to-late s.

Suffice to say that Bals' selections tend towards the rare, magical and undeniably Balearic, from the glassy-eyed, cascading jazz-funk of the Keyboys and loved-up post-boogie sweetness of Gemini's "Take a Chance", to the sparkling Euro-electro of Miss' "Hip Hop" and pitched-down drum machine chug of Gigi Flag's "Nymphomaniac Instrumental ".

Here he opens the doors once more, delivering an open-air friendly soundtrack heavy on rare private press gems, overlooked beauties and the kind of cuts that most would consider Balearic even if they may have been more popular in Italy and France.

Remix ". Music For Dreams Denmark. You'll find one of his edits tucked away towards the end of the EP - a tidy extension of Wolfsmond's sun-kissed, Chris Rea-esque German language number "Fuhl Dich Frei" - alongside stunning selections that variously touch on stoned West Coast jazz-rock, new age, ambient, drowsy 80s pop, kosmiche and loved-up late night AOR shufflers.

An inspired collection of pretty much unknown gems; what's not to like? Predictably, it is. Sweet, sensual and atmospheric, with plenty of unlikely gems and forgotten classics for the heads to enjoy, it surprises and impresses with each successive track. This vinyl edition features 17 of the tracks unmixed naturally and lifts out many highlights. His own cover of Donovan's "Get Thy Bearings" is particularly revelatory - string drenched, hazy, atmospheric and, of course, immaculately produced - but there are many other gems.

Check Darondo's classic heart breaker "Didn't I," the smoky reggae-soul of Nina Simone's "Baltimore", and the enveloping intimacy of Shlohmo's "Places". Do seek out Benny Cumberbatch's spoken word turn at the end too! Love International X Test Pressing. After opening with a typically spacey and dreamy new collaboration with her friend Saoirse - the intergalactic techno haziness of "Solid Mass", the Peach Discs co-founder treats us to a heady mixture of chunky, sunrise-ready breaks Persian , drowsy ambient dub Seekers International , deep space house and techno EBE, Gideon Jackson, Carl Lekebusch , Barbarella's-ready peak-time fare Perpetual, Paco Pack , angular late night dancefloor sleaze Mark Seven and weightless ambient bliss Pauline Anna Stom.

Sky Girl 2xLP. Efficient Space Australia. Its' fifteen tracks touch on a variety of hazy, down-tempo styles, and were recorded at various points between and ' As with its predecessor, volume two offers a giddy skip through the dustier corners of his notoriously eclectic and off-kilter record selection. How Do You Are? That took me a lot of time to have his entire approbation and his benediction when the product was finished.

It's just a question of time. This one will be certainty different and will not contain, of course, the Interview! There is no interest to edit such a thing! So, I don't see another label than N. Douglas adds "Ostenbraun" in the official discography of Death In June. What is this beautiful anthem we can listen on the second track of your 7"? What can you tell me about this single?

This lovely tune was the sovietic anthem and this version, the one which was formerly broadcasted through speakers of tanks tolling on the ruins of Germany. The vision of F. Rosselini's movie "Allemagne Annue Zuro" seems to be essential to understand the interest to retease this record.

All the Inspiration that I had comes from this cinematographic work. There ls no possible ambiguity : "A ta lueur tremblante de cette bougie symbolique, ce julleucht dont ta flamme symbolise la Victoire de la Lumiere sur les tunebres et de l'espoir sur la mort Where does this interest come from?

Is it a morbid attraction for this period, an attempt ta rehabilate a misunderstood politic, a testimony as a witness of the contemrorary history or an other thing?

There is no possible rehabilitation of the past after all this blood flooded from everywhere. Now, I think that there is still a certain fear of tackling such topics. It's easier to use common terms, but we can't see their impact and their meaning. We must present the whote thing even it was blunt without prejudice neither nostalgie interests! On the other hand, I don't see how we can be still satisfied of these ideas so perfectly pre-established today! The "collaboration" only had for the pinnacle of stupidity almost often irresponsible from these people encouraged ta cowardness But are we so different It's a question of moral and physical integrity Here again, only a few people understand this, too hurried they are to satisfy their hate with complete impunity.

If it has any rehabititation, it was the one, of the poor consciences done after the war, by these Individuats too coward to commit exactions without being forgotten. I think that heads needed to be cutted or rather to hang and turn quickty the page to not be disturbed in our sleep. But I'm not satlsfied by this point of view and I think that the responsabltities must be shouldered by more than a few men and by more than one nation A result of excellent musical as well as artistical quatity.

This label has always known how to keep the same baseline and here is my convergence with this concept, other things don't bother me Among the productions or bands, recent or not, what do you like to listen to? For me, everythyng comes from emotion in its emotionnal quatity with all the evocative side.

I think, on the other hand, that if we want to reach something or someone, we must to want it and to want it, we must release it from ourselves. This is why I admire the emotions of Gustay Malher's symphonies This zvocation is a real "topy" with its precise discrimination and perfectly measured. All is created on this basis, reflection of perceived images, its integration and in vain, its transmission This can seem disproportionate but I feet the same thing listening to extreme music, where begins work of reflection and interpretation beyond discordance.

Digital DJ accessories. DJ lighting. DJ spare parts. Computer accessories. Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Play All. Items to of on page 4 of People also bought Psyence Fiction reissue heavyweight vinyl 2xLP.

Bikini 12". Strangelove New Zealand. It was unarguably the high point of Arvo's career, with the album's two most lauded tracks - "Bikini" and "So Deep" - remaining popular with dusty-fingered Balearic beards. Here those two tracks are given the reissue treatment by New Zealand imprint Strangelove Music.

You'll find the breezy, stylish and largely slo-mo original versions on the A-side, with fresh reworks on the flip. First, French producer Shelter does a brilliant job in extending "Bikini", wisely extending the dreamy first section and making more of the Brazilian-influenced synthesizer motifs, before Aussie Italo-disco digger Hysteric delivers a head-nodding instrumental take on "So Deep" that's worth the entrance price on its own.

Laguna 12". Mondo Italy. Jumpcut gram vinyl LP. Emotional Rescue. Man Jumping took shape as an attempt to bridge the gap between rock, pop and funk and the minimal "systems music" of Steve Reich, Terry Riley et al. The result is a feast for the ears - all the pomp and splendour of the finest '80s MIDI-powered production interwoven with serious artistic chops, but sequenced and arranged with an almost avant-garde sensibility. It's a wonderfully wild, academic but refreshingly unpretentious thrill ride that slots in perfectly with Emotional Rescue's remit.

Sketches From Space gram vinyl 2xLP. The harmonious tones undulating throughout Sketches From Space are instant soothers, taking the odd cue from techno but defiantly beatless and meditative. It's a surprising addition to the long and winding Vibraphone story, but also feels like one of the strongest steps forward the resurgent label has taken since returning to the fray.

Just try sinking into "Lagrangian Point L4" and you'll see exactly what we mean. Safran LP. There's a dusky, cinematic quality to the whole EP, from the captivating intro to the sweet Rhodes soul of "Safran" and on to the broken wheeze of "Jazz E".

One for all those craving a little more subtlety and flair in their house music. Metaphorical Music gatefold 2xLP 1 per customer. Hyde Out Productions US. This most spiritual of hip hop records - first released in - brings together downtempo, trip hop, instrumental, classic era boom bap, neo soul and funk into an accomplished collection of tunes that pack a dance floor as well as heartfelt punch.

The album showcases some of the best music that the hip hop genre is capable of. Do not miss this, as it won't be around for long. Jaku gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP. Music On Vinyl. The slick licks of a young Mr Lif on "Nosferatu", the post-apocalyptic tension of "Univearth" the sludgy, swampy cosmic hip-hop of the Aesop Rock-featured "Kill Switch" and the unashamed sax sex of "Slit Of Cloud" Do we need to go on?

Limited edition, g transparent vinyl; even if you already have this in your collection this is a very, very appealing investment.

Midnight Safari EP gram vinyl 12". FAR Faze Action. It's a mellow, atmospheric ride into pastures you wouldn't normally associate with Faze Action, although "Midnight Safari" is smooth and luxurious enough to feel right in any context.

There's a sassy boogie step powering "Reach Backless," while "Windchimes" flips the script with a semi-ambient live bass reverie. It's back to the party one last time with "Solar Plex" though - this record is about synthy funk first and foremost.

Synthetic gram vinyl 12". Is It Balearic. Ilija Rudman steps up with a fat old bassline and some eerie strings and chimes that make his remix a thoroughly worthwhile one, and then Robot 84 makes a more drastic turn towards peppy deep house for an audacious revision that frames the original in a whole new light.

Sacred Rhythm US.

Los Imaginones gram vinyl 12". As with its predecessor, "Transmissions Two" features a mix of tracks never before seen on vinyl see Carl Craig's astonishingly good ambient cut "C Beams Glitter"quirky but brilliant obscurities and a smattering of Jura Soundsystem re-edits. The hottest surf combo from the Caribbean island of Antigua. Busta Rhymes. Facts are fiercely distorted, while the reasons for that are hidden with even more ferocity. They are arranged as a piece, but can also be played and understood as a Wolfsmond - Wintersilence - Transmission Fields (CD, playing the Wolfsmond - Wintersilence - Transmission Fields (CD with random or shuffle-funktion. PSCD Most probably the title of Nameless Islands has been purposefully chosen for this musical journey, so that various listeners could explore and discover their unique vision emerging from the play of sounds. The Toxic Touch.
Sporting Paddy - The Dubliners - Ballads On Tap... (Vinyl, LP), Jerry Debate And Blues Inc. (2) - Ive Got Plans / Do I Have To Tell You (Vinyl), Raindrops, Tangible Madness - Marching Dynamics - Nailsleeper (CD, Album)

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  1. () Transmission Fields by Wintersilence, released 21 November 1. Artus-Sutra 2. Morphogenesis I 3. Meridian 4. Morphogenesis II 5. Lighthouse 6. Rumi - Transmission Fields Pt. I 7. Morphogenesis III 8. Earthdust (Aura) 9. Morphogenesis IV Morphogenesis V Dharana White Hypnotic Morphogenesis VI Wolfsmond
  2. Limited to hand-numbered copies. Track 4 is a reworked version of „O Bando Da Espada“ executed by Knwyn. Track 7, originally intended to be the first part of „Cart of Light“, has only been finished. Tracks 3, 6, 8 and 9 conceived as a way of returning to the images and archetypal energies of [ ].
  3. Wintersilence: Transmission Fields, een dubbele CD op Amplexus verschenen in , hoogtepunt van de avond! Schitterende ambient zoals je die maar zelden hoort. Schitterende ambient zoals je die maar zelden hoort.
  4. Mathias Grassow - Jericho () WEB FLAC (tracks) - MB | MP3 CBR kbps (LAME ) - MB | Front cover Genre: Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Self-released Mathias Grassow is one of the true pioneers and long-time practitioners of electronic ambience and electronic minimalism. He has become widely recognized as "the King of the Ambient Drone" and folks often compare his.
  5. Morphogenesis 7 - Mathias Grassow and Wintersilence. Transmission Fields Cd2. Download Transmission Fields Cd2; Nocturnal Rite - Pagan. Antology: No Mercy [Compilation Of Early Works]. Download Antology: No Mercy [Compilation Of Early Works] It's Just a Natural Thing - Patrice Rushen. Patrice. Download Patrice; Bass Bitch - Cujorius One.
  6. Dec 17,  · Joost speelde, tijdens zijn luisteravond onlangs, de eerste cd van de dubbelaar Transmission Fields van Wintersilence, Deze avond liet hij enkele tracks horen uit de tweede cd. Geen hapklare brok, een album dat je koopt "op de groei", het .

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